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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Totally Inspiring boss

on ths 22th June 2014 the young Nasty Inc Event executives with little experience has being given big responsibilities to organize such a big event which important for the whole nation and important for us to maintain our company reputation. because we don't want to disappoint our boss, Sham Van Boonstra and she was not there during the event... we just do whats is best to keep the event on going without an error. At first it was a disaster but finally...we manage to keeps everything under control. Thanks to her guides and faith thats motivate us to move foward. she always let us learn something new...and on that day we learn so many things. We really thankful to have an inspiring boss like her. although we don't have many experience and we still very young but she kept her faith on us that we could manage and organize such a big event. hope that she will still keeps that faith on us cuz we will try our best that we will never disappoint her.

 Other than that....i want to thank her for where i am right now. i think i've matured enough to learn what is called LIFE...she's not only a boss and she also like a bestfriend to me. she teach me a lot about event and event business are my passion. i don't mind busy with works so that....i wouldn't think of anything that could ruin my happy days...