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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Little thing call love

first time we met....i never knew his name and i don't even want to know him
and i never ever realize him among my friends although we've met a couple times and go out together in groups with other college mate
and how weird is it i never realize him
but one day.....after i broke up with my boyfriend
he came to make me smile
we become close for few months and lastly....1st time he makes me surprise how sweet is he and i never forget the 1st moment he kissed my forehead when he sends me rght infront of my hostel before he leave
our relationship becomes closer
and he treats me nicely until one day....when our relationship are at the wonderful moments there's a conflict begins when on that moment i felt like
i would never ever forgive him and don't want to see his face ANYMORE!!
many question we're playin' on my mind on that day....
why he does that?
why he suddenly leave?
why he act like that?
because both of us....don't want that conflict ends every beautiful moments and friendship that we've been before
we still contact each other although its not as close as before
for 2years we never met....just contact via texts,calls and social network
but along the 2years....i've never ever open my heart for anyone else cuz keep thinking about him
although he has a new girlfriend after that and i'm also having relationship with other guy seems like hard to forget about him
i don't know why....
then....i've broke up with my boyfriend and he also break with his girlfriend...after Eid finally we met again
we hang out together again and close again like before...
but this time....seems like our relationship getting serious by day to day and more wonderful moments we share together and we've been together in a long-term
when we were together....for me it feels like its only two of us are the last human on earth
for the 1st time ever....a guy that for me a special guy ever gave me the most special birthday wish ever and for me its the most special wish,hugs and kiss(but u still can't beat my dad's love...hahahahha)
there's never a single moments u never makes me smile...u always makes me smile
although we're having a rough tough days u never ever failed to make me smile
we go through all the hardness together
i will try my best to be on your side on your rough tough days
although i'm having a same situation...i don't want to show it to you cuz...enough with all the bad days u have to go through with your work and so on
i love to look at you when u we're sleeping...that moment....i could see on your face how tired you are with your daily activities i don't want to wake u up i don't want disturbed u i don't want to wake u from your dreams thats why its hard for me to woke u up when u we're sleeping
although sometime u really piss me off....u disappoint me,i very very so definitely so much angry to you
but its hard for me to be mad at u
we care to each other too much...remember i've cried few days ago
i cried cuz i afraid to loose you again
i cried cuz i afraid u might leave me
i cried cuz i afraid we won't be together
but u will always reminds me of your promise.....should i..?should i....depends on that promise?
should i? but i'm so afraid
i know i never mention this but....u know how much i love u right??please don't disappoint me
i'm happy and grateful to have you no matter what u are who u are....i don't care what people are gonna say about u cuz i believe you will do something for a reason
cuz u have ambition...u will hold on to your care about everyone that around u
i know u for who u are...
no matter there's a 'bad guy' in u but u also have a big heart where u care about anyone else
i don't want u to leave me...and i also don't want u to leave you
like you've said...'we will do the best for us'
your word reminds me everyday to keep holding on...and I WILL DO IT!cuz i love u so much and let's do it together
i want to see the world with u...i want to always to be with u....the best moments are when we were together....we loved to travel aren't we??i want to have vacation with u...hmmm
i love u love u love u and i will always do!