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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What Heart says?

i smile,
i laugh...
that's to hide all the pains that i've been through
all the disappointments
all the hurt...

will there be someone that will help me to go through everything?
help me vanish all my fake happiness..??
if u r in my place...
u will know my heart already broke in tiny little pieces
i'm not looking for someone to complete me, but to accept me just the way i am
i may be not perfect
but i'm just looking for someone that could make me happy and not disappoint me.

i've fallin' in love for so many times....
the happiest moments when they really loves me
treats me well...
the moments that i start to falling apart... is when....they start breaking my heart in pieces
sometimes i wonder....
how can other couple be happy and why i'm not?
guys keeps playing with my feelings
when i'm really loving someone
i never lied...
but why they lied??
sometimes i wonder....why i'm wasting my time,love and tears for the one that only just gonna break my heart
this just a deeply honest "pains' that i've been kept from my heart
yes i'm still young
but i've been through a lot
meeting with the one that.....i don't know...=(

now.....i've met someone
he really makes me happy
makes me fell secure
he said he will always be with me...
i'm not hoping so much to him
cuz i'm also still frighten that one day i'm gonna lost him
that day gonna comes
my heart like already confirm that one day he gonna left and i have to accept that
if he meant to be he will be with me if God meant him for me
however...i'm happy being with him
if he doesn't accept me as a part of his life
being given a chance to be around his arm already being the most wonderful moments for me
that's why i don't mind if we're 'no status'
being with him makes me feel secure

i'm typing this post with my tears starts falling to my cheeks
cuz this is honest
i don't know
i've been through a lot of love pains
i've love someone so much before this and who knows...he just playin' with my feelings and
i've sacrifice a lot for him and he never appreciate
......................... +To be continue+