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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Hug =D

should i be happy
or it just a delusion
yeahhh spending my wonderful 2days with Mr.FZ
who is he?
his well...its long time story
a day before....we stay all night hang out together with my cousin and my friend
and yesterday just two of us first its kinda awkward at first just two of us together all night long
at first we played bowling at wangsa walk mall
then... he wants to watch movie, 'Pacific Rim'
that movie are so boringgggg okay
i've slept after 30mins the movie was rolling on
hahahahahahahahahahahahha the movie
when i was feel kinda sleepy at first i've slept on the right side of my chair
then he pulls my head and put it on his shoulder
and he even hugs me because the movie theater is kinda cold with the aircond
well....i've slept comfortly although its kinda awkward because actually we have nothing 'relationship' and just brother and sister,,,kinda like that
but he really nice to me
i just slept on his shoulder its so comfy....
when i woke up...i realize his hand already hold me tight
the awkwardness rise to 100%
i'm kinda speechless
but i just pretend like nothing is happen
are love?again??
i don't think so
maybe he done that because the movie theater is cold
the after the watching the movie
we heading on to Ampang Hill just to chill out  and hangin' out together
he hugs me again because i almost fall from the divider that i've sat on
but this time our hugs are kinda,,,more longer,,,tetttttttttt
well...i just hugs him back
because i don't know
cuz maybe i really want to
i like his perfume
the awkwardness suddenly disappear it seems like we're back to our old times
i admit i still have 46% feelings towards him
but i don't know
its hard for me to believe in after yeahhh our previous previous days
i don't he wants to hug me,we're close to each other again
cuz i already promise to myself
i won't fall in love with him anymore
just gonna have him as my '\friend and a brother
thats why i love him so much but not more than that barrier
please don't misunderstand
i accept what we are now....if Allah already fated everything for me
i will accept if one day he will be mine
his perfume was all over my yellow bear sweater because he felt so cold last night so i've lend him my sweater
he don't want me to leave
but i have to...its already 7am
and we're still at the outside hangin' out and don't know where to go
i said to's okay,,,maybe next time we could hang out together

at the mean time...there's a guy
that i've been waitin' for him for almost 2years
let me repeat
sayin' all the words i've been waiting him to say
yes i am happy
but now
i don't think there's a space for him anymore
i just though him as my friend
not more than that
but...once he text me
i'm happy that...he still remember me =')

Sunday, August 4, 2013

my silent world.....

every smiles has 1000 of secrets
yeahhhh i have a tough days lately
i try to hide it
but i don't think i can
i think my heart already hurts so much
so much pains
until sometimes....
when i was alone
i can stop my tears from falling from my cheeks
can u imagine how it felt
when u know
ur world is not so perfect
people laughing
people lies
people change
i don't know how to express it
many things playing in my heart,my soul,my mind
that i don't know how to express it
i'm also a human....can't u understand???
don't know
its painful......
sometimes....i think die is the best way
running away is the best way...lost all my memories...are gonna be awesome

3years of History....

Hello August...
and Happy 3years anniversary to my dear blog
the time pass so fast
thank u to the readers for reading my bored entries
Dear missannhyeunseung blog...happy 3years
and thank u for the 3years of history,story and mystery
what am i talking about??
i'm thanking to my blog cuz
this is where i type whati've been hidden
what i can't express by my words....
all the sadness the hardness...thank u bloggie