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Saturday, July 20, 2013

True Friend....the awesome of 7years

He is my best friend everrrrrr
yeaterday was so awesome
he brought me to see the most wonderful view of KL
and other things that i saw
his true friendship
thank u for everything dude
he thought me so many things
and even thought me whats right and wrong in life
thank u so much for the last night
last night
many things happens to us
oh my...
the tire broke at middle of highway
he ask me not to go out from the car
but i don't wanna let him stay outside alone
repairing the flat tire
i impress on his effort trying to help me out
he said 'he will always be there when i needs him'
and i ask...' what if i couldn't be there when he needs me?'
he said its ok for him because he knows me better
i never liked him more than a friend
but i am so adore on how he cares so much about people that around him
even my family also liked him so much
Thank u Ruhi for everything
because of him
i have encouragement to let go the person that i think i love him but actually i just afraid to loose him