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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stupid girl met with a stupid guy (ZA)

i've should listen to ayu
i've should't being too nice to him
it's not that i still love him
i just afraid...
i don't know
but....we're done a lot of 'mistakes' that makes me....afraid
its hard to explain
i've should't know him at the first place
i've should't met him
i've should listen to my bestfriend\
i don't know why is it too hard for me to get away from everything
i've enter the dangerous zone of the game
at first i'm thinking of revenge
its getting tough and rough and sometimes i felt like
i don't know what should i done next
maybe next time i should't repeat my mistakes anymore
he is no one
if he really loves me
he wants my heart but not 'me'

the game is getting harder and worst
i've played in the wrong way
just pray that nothing gonna happen...amin..
to ayu...i'm really really sorry
i don't love him anymore no no no no

i don't know wwhy i'm being nice to him againnnnnn
i'm so stupid!!!
i hate my self