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Monday, July 8, 2013

misunderstand...i know my fault.... =(

my blog almost reach its 3years anniversary!!!!
just left another few weeks right??
love u bloggie
now i'm not recently update my post like previous years
kinda busy lately with assignment
presentation and so on
before that

please be nice ok...
many things happen on the early July...
don't know where to start
last wednesday i've made big mistakes
i did't manage my promises, appointments and so on with my bff, my ex and stranger...
if u know me well
u know that i'm too....nice to people and sometimes
i'm busy taking care of the others than taking care of my self
kinda bit chaotic on that wedenesday
someone ask me to accompany them for mv shoot
someone ask to accompany to times square
someone ask me to lift him home
someone wanna meet me
headache to death
and at the end i have to broke well... 3 hearts actually to fulfill the 2 promises
and lie a bit
and not giving explanation
how can i give explanation when misunderstand might come out and the secrets gonna blow off and u won't listen to it it might sound crap~~~~
i don't want that to be happen
so...let me just save the pains by my self
i know....some of ya mad at me
what can i do
u might says i'm making a story....
what to do
that's the natural isn't it
i'm doing stupid thing...yeahhhhh
i admit it
i might says okay when deep inside everything changes

i hope the 'crisis' won't be so long...up to ya what to do
but i think this gonna took long time to be recovered and won't be the same
if....u guys wanna mad at me and so on...
up to ya'
i can't stop it anyway
maybe that's the right thing to do
i'm not supposedly being label as 'good friend'
human makes mistakes
whether u wanna forgive them or not
my weakness is i know that i like to do something without thinking it wisely
but sometimes i wanna do what i wanna do cuz everything i do there's a reason
i know when u read this u gonna be mad to death...
cuz there's an explanation that u don't wanna listen
i know i shouldn't be friend with him anymore he is not my boyfriend and he being mean to me
that day hurts me too actually
not just that day...previous previous days
i just i don't wanna say it and don't wanna loose everything
many secrets i've being kept deep inside me and smile like nothing is happen
i always pray that i've got amnesia so i will forget everything and live like a new born baby that knows nothing or be a robot that don't have feelings
i don't know how to express it
but many things changes just some of ya' didn't see it
so...for those that i've hurt so much...
i'm sorry to what i've done
u wanna forgive me or not...up to ya'
just do what best for ya'
and....its being a wonderful moments