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Monday, July 22, 2013

i'm not Cinderella

try to close my eyes and forget everything
for the first time
i'm hurting other people and hurts my self
i don't know if it does give an effect to that person
but i think i've tried to be honest
my heart crying its already over
i'm not afraid of loosing that person
just yesterday
like its already over the edge
i'm trying to be nice
i trying to be patience
it just useless
even that person know that i am not in a good health
they just act dumb and not even care
Thank u so much

finally...i ignore the friendship the relationship that we had
i have to said what i have to said
its kinda sad
and....i don't know why i'm so afraid
maybe because that person already 'buy' my soul 'own' my heart 'touch' my love
i don't know
i don't know
but its kinda sad
that person like thinking i'm so cheap
i don't know...
sometimes my depression makes me wanna make a decision that...suicide is the best decision
lots of man hurts my dignity
i have black memories since i was little
i like to kept everything
who wants to share something that very embarrassing in your life?
i keep crying
don't no where to share everything
why sometimes i hate man?
cuz when i was 6years old...i have an uncle that
he almost wanna rape me
can u imagine??
at that time i was 6 years old
yeahhhh he tried so hard want me to 'sleep' with him
i never told this to my parents because he threat me he will hurts me
as i grow older
i hate him so much
i hate him!!!
then...i've met a lot of guys that very similar like my uncle
u guys never loved me for who i am
who am i in your eyes?
a bitch??
my hearts crying...why isn't there a man who sees me for who i am?
not craving for my body
this is honestly from me
i never met a guy that loved me for who i am
am i not deserve for a right guy?
am i just a game?