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Thursday, July 18, 2013

i miss my BFF..Sorry~~~ ='(

ain please don't get it wrong when u read this
just honestly from me
yeahhhh i miss this guy
my bff....
how ever our misunderstand and i'm stupidly fall in love with his brother makes our relationship cracks like eggs that drops from the sky(*what am i merepeks)
i really want to say sorry to him and also my bff Ain for doing stupid thing few days ago
i've should listen to both of ya'
during that day....
i tried to avoid him but i don't stupidness kindness and too care about others makes me doing stupid thing
i'm really sorry to both of u...
i don't know how to make up again with both of ya'
this time i really ruin everything
yeahh i miss us arguing
saying bad things
sharing everything seems like the silentness gonna takes a longgggggggggggg-term isn't haziq?
this is like for the 1000 times i make u mad at me
i'm really sorry dude....
i'm not really like ur brother that day i think could be best day for my evil plan but then....duhhhhh i've ruin it
i've miss to fight and argue with u again dude....
but it seems like theres no forgiveness space for me