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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hardest day of my life

i don't know what happen to my parents yesterday
its the most sad and hardest day for me
i have to lied
and hide the truth
to keep both hearts from pains
its like u we're stuck in the middle
i'm not on any sides
but both...urghhhhh really puts me on pressure
its not that i don't love my dad
but sometimes
he needs to put his ego away and
think about the others
my step mum suddenly not in a good health
i rush back to her house after i just few minutes cameback from her house
we're having break fast together yesterday
my dad....i don't know whats get into him
i called his cellphone for almost 100times
he did't answer
i was worried something could happen to him
and he did't answer just because i was with my step mum
i have to lied to my step mum why my dad don't want to pick up the phones because don't want her to be sad
too many tears drops to my cheeks
people saying bad things about my dad
people might blame my dad because he's like....i don't know how to say this
if i tell ya' u might think of something else
maybe i just gonna zipped it and dive it into my tears
why should i shared it?
nobody cares
let me live on my own silent fake world heart can't stop crying and already used to felt the pains all the time