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Thursday, July 18, 2013

After 2 years??is it really you??

yesterday i suprisely got bbm from someone that i have WAITED for almost 2 YEARS
and after i've lost all the feelings towards him
does he really really 'comeback'??
i don't think so
maybe that is other person
who knows....
if its real he is coming back
i son't know whether i should be happy or not what i've been waited for long time is really worth it
but isn't too late?
yeahhh i've been waiting the moment u will 'comeback'
i've been waiting that 'word' u will be say it again to me
will it be a hope or hopeless??
yes honestly i still love u so much
but after 2 years...i don't think we could be like before again
and the bbm...makes me hard to believe
is it really u the one who type it  and send it or not?
are u honest about it or not?
is it real or not?
if u just playing around means u r playing around with my heart as well....
please don't make fun of it
u know how hard for me to forget about u for 2years??
although i've been in so many relationship with other guy after u
i still thinking and remembering u all the time
we're still friends thats already makes me happy although its hard for me seeing u r are happy with other girl in your life