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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Once Upon May2013

Hollaaaa bloggers
long time no update isn't??
and its almost june
oh my...
time really pass so fast
sorry i did't update much
degree life we're so busy.....
at the same time
i'm busy with work too...
as freelance etc etc
well...plenty interesting things happens these days
before that
i'm done with my 1st degree semester!!!weeehooooooo
now proceed to 2sd semester
i had a wonderful journey

oh ya...
last few days ago...i'm having a wonderful days with my beloved BFF
the forever FOUR!!!

i miss our diploma time where we're being 4 all the time
now just left me and ain
Mimi's pregnancy almost reach 6month
Sha2 busy looking for a job and maybe she will also continuing her studies with us
but...she might be our freshie little cutie junior
Ain...well~~~seems like she's in her lovey dovey world happily ever....tetttttt (Let Allah SWT arrange everything...amin!hehehehehhe)
well...i loved them so much!!
they are like a part of my life
i don't mind livin' in my single life
why i need a boyfriend when i have my girls that always make me happy!!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Along the May journey
i'm like having a new life
u know that i've been through a lot of hard times right?
with the hard and the pains
theres a lot of bright lights infront of me that kept brighten my path
the pains makes me become more stronger
i got plenty of friends
people that more care about me....

Alhamdullilah...i got a lot of job offer
events and so on
thats why i've been busy all the time #sigh
now.....its semester break
even though semester break
i still kept busying my self so that i have a 'life'....i have something i can do
even on May i've known new 'friends'
and people confessing something
oh my...
i've met a lot,known a lot and seen a lot of people with various and miraculous personality and character
some of them can be accepted and some of them....hurmmmmmmmmmmmmm
maybe takes some times
i have a good news
i pass my driving test!!!yeayyyyyyy
now i have my licenses and my car!!!
its a lucky happy may for me...Alhamdullilah

at the same time
i also have a little story mory to shared
well....i was just trying to tease not tease...just wanna say 'hi' to someone that i don't know
we're being connect by social network but never known each other
so yesterday i just trying to reply one of his tweets
i thought our conversation gonna stop like for few second
i don't know i've taken it so far
just wanna be honest
i'm not having crush on him
i hate being crushing muching or wanna have a relationship with any guys anymore(and i am not a lesbian too okay....)
after i've failed and being LIED for so many times
so i don't think its a right time for me to be in a relationship again...
the LOVE NIGHTMARE might be haunting again
so for now on i just like being friend with anyone...toddles