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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not important?

My lovely blog gonna reach it 3years anniversary~~~~

ok enough with that
this post gonna be relate honestly from the bottom of my heart
now on....
isn't it hurt u so much when someone says....'YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT' in their life?
how do u felt?
yeahhhh its kinda hurt right?
if u r not important to them
why at the certain moment they will be looking for u after that?
are u like a spare tyre?
when u we're being needed at that moment u will be USED?
isn't hard for u?
u we're already forgive them after they hurt u but then they said u r not important??
oh goshhhh
we're trying so hard to cover them up
just don't want to get them into trouble

what am i trying to say here
just a note for someone that i don't know
have a double personality i think
that person doesn't even care how i felt
how hurt i am
and that person doesn't care about me anymore
i don't care also
and i'm tired being fake and being hurt by that person
ok enough after this
if i'm being mean to ya'
stop trying to treats me ok....
i'm not important right?
then.....i wish u have a happy life
good luck
just gonna waits karma to slaps u right infront of my face
thank u