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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yesterday is history,tomorrow is mystery

do u have something in ur heart that unspoken?
do ya'?
i have....
a lot....
theres plenty things that...
i don't know where i can 'spit' it out
its not that i don't believe my friends and so on
it just that....
i don't know
just gonna zipped it and keep it
but sometimes deep down...
i'm hurt
it's felt like bleeding inside
lots of secrets
lots of stories
lots of hurts that no one ever knows
i just keep on draw the happy smiles on my face but in fact
it just a fake smile to helps me to move on to the new life
yeahhh be happy with what i had and have
what past is past
by gone is gone
although the scar was really deep
nite yawl...
c ya on the next post