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Saturday, April 20, 2013

happy Saturday...secret in my heart

yeahhhh i already convo
and its was a wonderful moments
my parents was there and also my sister biological mum could't be there
but i'm sure she was looking at me from the skies
yeahhhhhh officially
i already finish my diploma
sorry i did't update much this blog
being busy for a while
with work
my driving classes
yeahhhh at the same time
i also almost finish taking my driving license

actually i have lotsa story to tell ya
i don't know whether i should mention it here or not
lotsa secret and pain i've been keepin' for along time
mostly....hurt because of love
yes i can live without love
what hurts me so much
those that already hurt they know how i felt right now?
i don't know what i've don't wrong till they....left me with 'hurtful' moments
when i already can draw smiles and shine my heart back
some of them...will suddenly appears and make it bleeding again
u know what i mean right?
but although we don't have any relationship....i dlaso don't wanna lose them
i have my own way
so they are....

i already move just so hard to pull the break...
i won't U-turn back after already move forward from the darkness places
the moment that hurts me so much was September-November 2011
its so hard for me to erase,wipe my tears away and heal the most bleeding moments
They hurt me so much after i've tried so hard to keep on with the relationship
i've being lied and played without they even think how hurt it felt
sorry but this is my honesty
but the history keeps repeating and repeating makes me stabbing my heart again and again
its happen again on December 2012
i've crush my heart again
i just don't want to show how hurt its felt
cuz i wanna prove it
u r not everything for me
'i can live and stand and be strong
i'm not a weak person
i don't want my heart to crush and breaks in pieces like glass cuz it so hard to heal it back
i will try my hard won't be falling to any other guys anymore
enough is enough

sorry if this post hurts some of ya
but this is honest from what i've felt and kept
i don't hate u just don't give any hope if u don't intent to love someone