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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 17)[FINALE]


is this the ending of their love story?
MsVanilla choose MrGingerbread as her life partner and let MrChocolate move on and continues his life?
can he move on?
can everything will be fine?
can MrChocolate accept it?
its almost the time where,,,the vow will be declared in just a few minutes behind
MsVanilla walked in to the hall
with her father
MrChocolate can watch it anymore
so he left the wedding hall slowly
without no one realize it and he hiding behind the door wipe his tears looking his beloved one to be a part of someone else life
he slowly walk out from the hall
MsVanilla also can't hold her tears when she was walking towards MrGingerbread for the vow ceremony

people though she was overwhelm when she actually still loves MrChocolate and did't see MrChocolate around the hall
the suddenly
she stops her steps
everyone was startled
she looked to her father and MrGingerbread and says; 'I am sorry...i can't...'
then she drop the bouquet of roses that she hold and running out from the hall
everyone in the hall was shock
her father shout to her and ask her to comeback
"Vanilla!come back!what happen to u?!'
MrGingerbread hold on to MsVanilla's dad and ask him to calm down
he runs after to MsVanilla
MsVanilla went out the hall,she saw MrChocolate was walking to his car then she shout his name
'Chocolate!' MrChocolate was startled and turns around
MsVanilla run and hugs MrChocolate
MrGingerbread and MsVanilla's family saw what happen
they r shock
MrGingerbreads seems like calm and he could accept the fact that MsVanilla is not for her

MrGingerbreads slowly walked toward MsVanilla and MrChocolate
they slowly breaks their hugs when seeing MrGingerbreads walks towards them
MrGingerbreads put one his finger shutting the MsVanilla's lips prevent her from explain everything
then he kisses her forehead
'You don't have to explain everything, i just want u to live happy'
MsVanilla's family just smiling with tears falling to their cheeks
they overwhelm on what MrGingerbread already sacrifice his love for Msvanilla's happines
MrGingerbread shakes MrChocolate's hand
'please take a good care of her...i want her to always keep drawing a wonderful smile on her face'
MrChocolate smiling
then...thats is the Happy ending for them