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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 16)


its hard for Mr.Chocolate to accept the fact that the women he loves will get married and all his hardwork to find her and get back with her again...just gonna be wasted just like that.
he cried all night long, but his heart keep believing that,
MsVanilla still loves him.
just few hours left before MsVanilla and MrGingerbread wedding ceremony
will MrChocolate try to stop it or just letting MsVanilla go.

At MsVanilla place...everyone we're busy setting up the garden and hall for the wedding ceremony
at the moment, MsVanilla was sitting alone nearby the lakeside keep remembering about MrChocolate
she still loves him
but, she will be married soon.
she can' broke MrGingerbread's heart.
he already filled her heart after she tried to build new life without MrChocolate
"Hey." MsVanilla startled. MrGingerbread suddenly cam from her back
"Hi dear."
"What happen?you looks not so happy. our wedding gonna be start like another... (MrGingerbread looks at his watch)12hours are u okay?or you not happy with it?"
"No,no dear....i am happy it just that, i afraid that i might cannot be a good wife for u."
"Hey..." MrGingerbread kisses MsVanilla's forehead put his arm around her. "i believe that u will be a wonderful and good wife for me. thats why i choose you ok?"
MsVanilla just shook her heads.

the garden have been decorated with lilies,white cloth,roses and it looks so wonderful. all the guest already arrive. MsVanilla was in brides room alone to take some time to loose her nervousness. she looks so happy and beautiful in her wedding dress. she also feel so nervous before the wedding vow. then suddenly, someone knocks the door.
MSVanilla slowly opens the door with smile, its probably MrGingerbread but unexpectedly, its MrChocolate right infront the door.
"Can i come in?"
MsVanilla just shook her head and move away from the door to let MrChocolate comes in
"Congrats."MrChocolate said then he pull his hands out to shake hands with MsVanilla
"Thank you."
"I just gonna come by for a while and i'm getting back to Wippy Cream. so, its a goodbye now"
MsVanilla's tears almost falling to her cheeks when MrChocolate says goodbye
"Chocolate...i will never forget u"
"Me too.hope that we're still gonna be friend"
MrChocolate slowly walking away from MsVanilla's room with sad emotion. his tears also almost falling from his cheek. but, destiny doesn't belong to them. they are not meant to be together. is it??or maybe there are reversal beyond to whatever happens?

+To Be Continued+