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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A girl in Love[ Your name makes my heart beats so fast...]

why every time...when i saw u,,,or just hearing ur name
my heart beats like crazy??
am i still loves u??
my friend just ask me to hang out together the same time
there also MrK
once i heard his name
oh hearts beats like a storm
did i still 'like' him or 'love' him?
we already broke up for 2years...(actually its almost 3years)
we're just still friend
thats it
he is nice guy
just wanna told u that he makes my hearts beats so fast
all the time...since we're a lover...few back years agooooooooooo....
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ok Mr.K =))

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 17)[FINALE]


is this the ending of their love story?
MsVanilla choose MrGingerbread as her life partner and let MrChocolate move on and continues his life?
can he move on?
can everything will be fine?
can MrChocolate accept it?
its almost the time where,,,the vow will be declared in just a few minutes behind
MsVanilla walked in to the hall
with her father
MrChocolate can watch it anymore
so he left the wedding hall slowly
without no one realize it and he hiding behind the door wipe his tears looking his beloved one to be a part of someone else life
he slowly walk out from the hall
MsVanilla also can't hold her tears when she was walking towards MrGingerbread for the vow ceremony

people though she was overwhelm when she actually still loves MrChocolate and did't see MrChocolate around the hall
the suddenly
she stops her steps
everyone was startled
she looked to her father and MrGingerbread and says; 'I am sorry...i can't...'
then she drop the bouquet of roses that she hold and running out from the hall
everyone in the hall was shock
her father shout to her and ask her to comeback
"Vanilla!come back!what happen to u?!'
MrGingerbread hold on to MsVanilla's dad and ask him to calm down
he runs after to MsVanilla
MsVanilla went out the hall,she saw MrChocolate was walking to his car then she shout his name
'Chocolate!' MrChocolate was startled and turns around
MsVanilla run and hugs MrChocolate
MrGingerbread and MsVanilla's family saw what happen
they r shock
MrGingerbreads seems like calm and he could accept the fact that MsVanilla is not for her

MrGingerbreads slowly walked toward MsVanilla and MrChocolate
they slowly breaks their hugs when seeing MrGingerbreads walks towards them
MrGingerbreads put one his finger shutting the MsVanilla's lips prevent her from explain everything
then he kisses her forehead
'You don't have to explain everything, i just want u to live happy'
MsVanilla's family just smiling with tears falling to their cheeks
they overwhelm on what MrGingerbread already sacrifice his love for Msvanilla's happines
MrGingerbread shakes MrChocolate's hand
'please take a good care of her...i want her to always keep drawing a wonderful smile on her face'
MrChocolate smiling
then...thats is the Happy ending for them


Friday, March 29, 2013

Loving u ^_^

Loving who??
don't worry i'm still single and not available
i'm tired being the failure in love
and again
i don't know where the mistakes
maybe that already destine for me
enough with that
just wanna make a confession
i don't know why lately
i've been missing someone that already left me for few years behind
i don't know
he was busy with his practiculum now
don't know
like almost everyday keep remember him
and i'm addicted with JB's song 'Boyfriend'
because oh HIM!!
 c ya on the next post bloggies

i love my job!

'm not really busy
but a bit busy
now i'm active as freelance extra talent for drama movie and so on
now i'm waiting for the results of the Drama casting that i attend few days before
hope i can be a part of that drama
i really hope so...*finger cross ~.~
i really wih a could be apart of it
i already read the script
the story line was awesome
i'm sure the viewers gonna like it
whats the tittle of that drama?
i can't tell ya
its the production secret
well just wih that i might get the part

Almost April!!!!Convocation!!!

the time past really fast
like a bolt
oh my oh my
my convocation day will be held in aw week
i'm excited
but at the same time...
 i was hoping my mum could see me graduates from diploma
its ok
i'm sure she's watching me on that day
isn't it??
but at the same time
i also...miss all my friends
my hostel friends
we have so many sweet memories together
i miss them so much
we shared everything together and we even lived like a big happy family
i almost cried everytime i keep flashin back what already happen among us
i loved them so much
they are like my life
they always there when i need them
Dear Allah...hope we all could meet again ='(

Monday, March 18, 2013


well well well
its time for me to change
yes right
i think what i've been doing now teach me a lot
i dump everything
move on
and don't love anyone anymore
no i did't hate them
i even still love each one of them
but the most i still love...u know who right??
Ain was right
i need to think back
where did i do wrong
something wrong somewhere right??
so i need to think back
they gave me the sweetest moment all along with them
i still love my 'MrBoogie'
now i realize
just let the God decide everything
i'm not gonna wait
i'm not gonna hope just like what i did before
cuz what happens before...
mature me a lot
so...this heart officially close...
i guess
just gonna wait the right MrRight on the right time
i have someone that i like
i still love
and....don't know
after few years
the destiny keeps playing with my feelings...let see how far it goes
May Allah keeps blessing me and 'him'

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 16)


its hard for Mr.Chocolate to accept the fact that the women he loves will get married and all his hardwork to find her and get back with her again...just gonna be wasted just like that.
he cried all night long, but his heart keep believing that,
MsVanilla still loves him.
just few hours left before MsVanilla and MrGingerbread wedding ceremony
will MrChocolate try to stop it or just letting MsVanilla go.

At MsVanilla place...everyone we're busy setting up the garden and hall for the wedding ceremony
at the moment, MsVanilla was sitting alone nearby the lakeside keep remembering about MrChocolate
she still loves him
but, she will be married soon.
she can' broke MrGingerbread's heart.
he already filled her heart after she tried to build new life without MrChocolate
"Hey." MsVanilla startled. MrGingerbread suddenly cam from her back
"Hi dear."
"What happen?you looks not so happy. our wedding gonna be start like another... (MrGingerbread looks at his watch)12hours are u okay?or you not happy with it?"
"No,no dear....i am happy it just that, i afraid that i might cannot be a good wife for u."
"Hey..." MrGingerbread kisses MsVanilla's forehead put his arm around her. "i believe that u will be a wonderful and good wife for me. thats why i choose you ok?"
MsVanilla just shook her heads.

the garden have been decorated with lilies,white cloth,roses and it looks so wonderful. all the guest already arrive. MsVanilla was in brides room alone to take some time to loose her nervousness. she looks so happy and beautiful in her wedding dress. she also feel so nervous before the wedding vow. then suddenly, someone knocks the door.
MSVanilla slowly opens the door with smile, its probably MrGingerbread but unexpectedly, its MrChocolate right infront the door.
"Can i come in?"
MsVanilla just shook her head and move away from the door to let MrChocolate comes in
"Congrats."MrChocolate said then he pull his hands out to shake hands with MsVanilla
"Thank you."
"I just gonna come by for a while and i'm getting back to Wippy Cream. so, its a goodbye now"
MsVanilla's tears almost falling to her cheeks when MrChocolate says goodbye
"Chocolate...i will never forget u"
"Me too.hope that we're still gonna be friend"
MrChocolate slowly walking away from MsVanilla's room with sad emotion. his tears also almost falling from his cheek. but, destiny doesn't belong to them. they are not meant to be together. is it??or maybe there are reversal beyond to whatever happens?

+To Be Continued+

what happen nowdays?

oh my oh my
what a hot day here in Malaysia...
how r ya blogger??
i think u really mad at me cuz i didn't start continuing my online novel back
hold on
hold on
let me update my personal stories first
its already past like 3month
i've left my hostel
i miss all my housemate so much

mis every moment every second of our wonderful friendship
i learn a lot from them to go through this 'adults world'
they treats me right
i miss them so much
i could almost crying like a baby keep remembering our wonderful moments together
now...everyone already following their on path....

what else i wanna tell ya?
my bff ask me to watch Oz movie together
with her.,,,and her boyfriend that at the same time we're also my bff
how can i watch together with them?
of coz i'm just gonna be a 'wall' for them
no no no no
its not that i could't act normally...yes i can but sometimes theres a moment where i think i should't be there
u know what i mean??
just imagine u r a loner then go out with ur friend where they love each other infront of ya' and sometimes u felt like u r an 'invincible'
isn't it?
i don't wanna make the situation getting worst
but sometime people needs to understand me as well
peace yawl.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hide and Seek

holla bloggersss.......
sorry i didn't update much
well...u know
my broadband networks being shut for a while because i didn't pay the bills
i'm free to continue back my writings...
i really miss writing and updating my blogs
what could be the first entries??
theres plenty of stories i wanna share witcha'
well...slow down
we got plenty of time
topic for today...
its not that bad being a single
i already get used to it ok....
its hard to see others happy with others
as for me
i enjoy my busy dizzyness days
i enjoy working with various types of jobs
well....i'm a freelance
i work for event
work office
work as extra actress
its not that hard
i really enjoy it....

this is my true smile and laughter
i am happy and never being so down or sad and
never felt loneliness...
people keep sayin' to me
'ann...u need a boyfriend to take a good care of u'
'u need someone that could protects u'
i don't need one
i just need a husband thats more 'halal'
thanks to my family and friends
for keep supporting me with what i'm doing and take a good care of me

for the reader....i'm sure u've been waiting and curious about the upcoming stories of 'MrChocolate Cookie and MsVanilla Cream'
sorry for the delay
i will try to spend some time to continue the new chaps...
sorry  for the waitings...
c ya on the next post

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bestarians are the BEST

mirol : weh paan esok da 4 haribulan...maknenye???
paan : maknenye esok hari aha~
palee : esok sekola la ngoi
firul : haha~ malas la......
mirol : esok gerak sekola sekali la ek.......
paan & palee : ok
firul : ~.............................

keesokan harinya.............

paan : WOI KUAR KELAS LA BACA DOA.......................................
naki : paling2 la ko ni paan

sume sedang khusyuk mengaminkan doa.....

haris : weh mirol ni komform buji yang baca doa..........
mirol : aa aku tau...ko x yah cakap pon aku tau...die nye pekat baca doa pon aku leh dgr....
aiman : hahahhahaha...ok smart....FULAMAK MUS hensem ko harini
mus : biasak r....da r weh masuk kelas jom

nidzam : bangun sume! CIKGU selamat pagi........
puan norliza : nidzam intonasi kamu salah.........lagi sekali..............
nidzam : CIKGU SELAMAT PAGI.....
puan norliza : baik murid duduk sume..............harini cikgu akan uji kamu dengan perkataan berlawanan...bila cikgu sebut perkataan itu...kamu haruslah beri perkataan yang berlawanan dengan nye...saya mula dgn wan..

Cikgu : Saya tak mahu ada apa-apa gangguan.
wan : (senyap)
Cikgu : Pandai!
mirol : Bodoh!
Cikgu : Tinggi!
noni : Rendah!
Cikgu : Jauh!
sheza : Dekat!
cikgu: KADILAN!
ema : UMNO!
Cikgu : Salah!
ernaini : Betul!
Cikgu : Bodoh!
jaja : Pandai!
Cikgu : Bukan!
azraai : Ya!
Cikgu : Oh Tuhan!
mary : Oh Hamba!
Cikgu : Dengar ini!
syazwani : Dengar itu!
Cikgu : Diam!
nidzam : Bising!
Cikgu : Itu bukan pertanyaan,
afiq : Ini ialah jawapan,
Cikgu : Mati aku!
cepah : Hidup kami!
Cikgu : Rotan baru tau!
fuza : Akar lama tak tau!
Cikgu : Malas aku ajar kamu!
mus : Rajin kami belajar cikgu!
Cikgu : Kamu !
aiman : Kami !
Cikgu : Cukup! Cukup!
bayah: Kurang! Kurang!
Cikgu : Sudah! Sudah!
tiqa : Belum! Belum!
Cikgu : Mengapa kamu semua ?
palee : Sebab saya!
Cikgu : Oh! Melawan!
paan : Oh! Mengalah!
Cikgu : Kurang ajar!
haris : Cukup ajar!
Cikgu : Habis aku!
buji : Kekal kami!
Cikgu : O.K. Pelajaran sudah habis!
firul : K.O. Pelajaran belum bermula!
Cikgu : Sudah,
syafiqah : Belum,
Cikgu : Berdiri!
hazwani : Duduk!
Cikgu : Saya kata salah!
naki : Kami dengar betul!
Cikgu : kamu ni!
nabilah : kami tu!
Cikgu : Rosak!
fatin : Baik!
Cikgu : Kamu semua ditahan tengah hari ini!
suba : Dilepaskan tengah malam itu!
Cikgu : hah sarina kenapa kamu diam
sarina : ~~~
cikgu: hah sarina bagus....saya suka org macam sarina
amira : hah sarina ni x bagus...saya x suka org macam sarina
cikgu : HAH roro kenapa kamu tido
roro : saya x tido
cikgu : hahaha macam2 kamu ni
dahiyah : .........................

hahahahaha macam2 ragam an???
kalo esok kite semua sekola...
mesti macam2 lagi adegan yang kite bole tgk.....................
rindu kan dgn kelas......................sebelum ni asik merungut je nak gi sekola..............
sekarang ni rasa kekurangan lak kat dalam hidup kite..........
but yang penting kite still in family kan? nway thx sgt2 kawan2 aku yang duduk kat dalam kelas 5 bestari tu...
kalau x de korg xde kot kelas tu jadi camni.................korg bende yang paling best dalam hidup dalam 2008 and 2009....bile ade masalah cite kat kelas...bile bende suke cite kat kelas....bile nak bergado dalam kelas...bile nak kuar bincang dalam kelas....bile nak nyanyi kat dalam kelas,,,,bile nak berlawak dalam kelas...bile nak tido dalam kelas...bile nak main bola dalam kelas....bile nak menjerit dalam kelas....bile nak bersyair dalam kelas..bile nak betolkan rambut dalam kelas....bile nak betolkan tudung dalam kelas....bile nak nangis dalam kelas....bile nak makan nasi lemak dalam kelas.....bile nak belajar dalam kelas....sedih an.......

aku harap kite still ingat semua kenangan dalam kelas kite....bende tu la pon yang akan membuat kan kite gembira satu hari bagi aku la....
nway thx sebab membaca......

kopi pasta. rindu!

CreditsCopyPasteFrom:Siti NorBaya ^_^

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello March ^_^

hello march
oh myyy
its already march??
the time really past so fast
can't believe it
life must go on
now everything change
everyone already follow their own lead and intense and dream
just left some of us continue our studies
and.....upcoming soon
my convocation day on 16th march
can"t wait for that
can't post so much
no internet connection
i also can't continue my online novel yet
i promise i will work on it soon
just keep reading and i will try my best keep updating it