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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 15)


what a shock when Ms.Vanilla saw Mr.Chocolate was waiting infront of the store
Ms.Vanilla become speechless
"What happen?" Ms.Vanilla's fiance ask her
and suddenly she became speechless
but then Mr.Chocolate slowly walk to her fiance and introduce himself
"Hi, I'm Mr.Chocolate,Ms.Vanilla old friend from CinamonVille. i got the invitation to your marriage that's why i came."
Mr.Chocolate and Ms.Vanilla's fiance shake their hands as the symbol of their new friendship
Ms.Vanilla fiance don't know anything about Mr.Chocolate
that's why he welcoming Mr.Chocolate to their wedding next week
Ms.Vanilla just put her head down and just keep quiet
she don't even look at Mr.Chocolate face
"Ok. Mr.Chocolate we have to leave now cuz plenty of preparation needs to be done,come dear" says Ms.Vanilla's fiance
then they leave the place
Mr.Chocolate just watching they leaving and wave friendly to Ms.Vanilla's fiance.

Mr.Chocolate just purposely introduce himself to Ms.Vanilla's fiance so he could come to Ms.Vanilla's wedding
he want to see with his own eyes and accept the fact that the one he loved will be belong to someone
maybe this is fate
and he have to accept the fact that
ms.vanilla is not belong to him anymore

+To Be Continue+