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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the wonders of february,,,not post so much

woahhhh after seein' my blogs
this year....
oh my oh my
i did't updates my blogs so much isn't??
busy busy me
theres no internet network at home
sorry for the postpond and technical problems
i will tried to "rajinly' updates my blogs
and my online novel
i beg ur apologize
i will tried to actively update it just like i've done before

Yaaaawwwwnnnnnnn Degree lifeee

yeahhhh we're gonna convo on April!!!!
time past so wild yawlll...
did't expected that
but, i had so many wonderful moments during my diploma's time
wonderful memories with awesome PEOPLE
College life really change me to be someone that is more mature
final semester was the best moments everrrrrrrr!!!!
something different
something new
oh yeahh!!!!the flashmob,final presentation was a total AWESOMEEEE moments and with our success charity event
thank u to MsMariation for ur guide and the 2012 Final Year Students for the best cooperation
it was awesome and sometime i felt overwhelm thinking that...everything its already over
but i don't think its 'over'
its beginning of our 'adult' life

now i'm continue my studies for degree at the same college
its different situation n different studies atmosphere
all my friends already follow their own path
just left some of them
its not that bad
still can gather new contacts isn't it?
how ever along May2010-Dec2012 i'm studying diploma at KLMU
theres so much best n unforgettable moments that hard to forgotten
thank you for those that always being around me
wanna be my friends
and......sorry if i trouble u so much
friend,lover and ex-lover (add on=enemies)
u already filled my life with so much wonderful things that hard to forget and some of it hard to forgive (tettttttttttt..........................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA)
i learn so much
watch so much
gain so much what i have to know and not to know
but still
its a memories
at the same place....tried to find new friends
hahahahahahha all i have is my soulmate soulfriend bff Norfaraein that always be by my side
Syamimi Nazri & Riza Gerardo
wherever u are
we're missin' u girls so DAMN MUCH!!!
we're missin' 2 quotes now since both of ya' already MIA
well Syamimi...Congratulations for ur upcoming babyyy(or babies) hehehehehehhe
we will always prays the best for ya'
Riza Gerado....miss u so much girl!!
please comeback soon....
oh yeahh!
Haziq Azman..bhahahahahahahahha almost forgot about ya' #Kerbau
thanx for be there when 'someone' needs ya" #sarcastic
hahahahahahaha just joking
u too dude!
thank u for being a good n crazy friend
well... c ya on the next post
toddlesssss mmmuuuaaaahhhhhhh

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


i already move on
and accept the fact that he is happy now with the one he actually love
i never regret that its over
how wonderful meeting him and knowing him
i'm his brother bestfriend....
how can i forget about him when his brother was my bestfriend and they have like so many similarities
can u see that?
i can't hate him
his brother reminds me a lot to him
i would't just hate his brother
thats my bff
i think i should let him go
i can't make him happy just the way the girl he have now
so i just wish him happy
thats all
never felt any vengeance or anything
i think i would find someone better one dayy...i guess
i'm ok
i have my friends although they r crazy...hehehehehehhe

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 15)


what a shock when Ms.Vanilla saw Mr.Chocolate was waiting infront of the store
Ms.Vanilla become speechless
"What happen?" Ms.Vanilla's fiance ask her
and suddenly she became speechless
but then Mr.Chocolate slowly walk to her fiance and introduce himself
"Hi, I'm Mr.Chocolate,Ms.Vanilla old friend from CinamonVille. i got the invitation to your marriage that's why i came."
Mr.Chocolate and Ms.Vanilla's fiance shake their hands as the symbol of their new friendship
Ms.Vanilla fiance don't know anything about Mr.Chocolate
that's why he welcoming Mr.Chocolate to their wedding next week
Ms.Vanilla just put her head down and just keep quiet
she don't even look at Mr.Chocolate face
"Ok. Mr.Chocolate we have to leave now cuz plenty of preparation needs to be done,come dear" says Ms.Vanilla's fiance
then they leave the place
Mr.Chocolate just watching they leaving and wave friendly to Ms.Vanilla's fiance.

Mr.Chocolate just purposely introduce himself to Ms.Vanilla's fiance so he could come to Ms.Vanilla's wedding
he want to see with his own eyes and accept the fact that the one he loved will be belong to someone
maybe this is fate
and he have to accept the fact that
ms.vanilla is not belong to him anymore

+To Be Continue+

This two fellas...hehehehehe

haaaaaaaa just this two crazy fellas left
everyone already graduates from klmu
just some of them left continuing degree just like me and Ain
sha2 also continuing degree at klmu
can't wait to see her again
miss her so much
just mimi now....she's pregnant
that's why she didn't continue degree just the way we did
need to get used to the new situation
my day would't be much crazier without this crazy #Ayam n #Kerbau
they r super damn crazy bff
they r not lovers yawl
we're just close to each other
but i don't know about both of them
big question marks there
just let the God "organize' everything ok
i would like to thanx to both of them cuz filling my days with laughter n happiness
thanx yawl,,,heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
don't know what to do without them
i think i should start making special videos for the AMAS n that short guy that always b there for me
should i??hahahahahahahahahha

Degree felt different

same campus
just different situation
different atmosphere
everything already different
its not as the same as the same as before.... #sigh
just left me and my friend AIN
what we're supposed to do??
just stick together i guess
can't believe that we're already degree??
well well
oh my...ngeeee
already 2o'clock

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello February!!!!!

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i already FINISH my DIPLOMA
now i'm continuing my studies for Bachelor in Administrative Management at KLMU
i feel bless
thank u Allah n my family for keep supporting me
no now
i know u all been upset that i did't update much mu dear bloggies and online novel
sorry dear readers...
before this i'm really busy finishing my final projects presentation
now...i think i have more freetime to update yawl
wait for the upcoming post
i will try not to dissappoint ya'
while i didn't update much..heeeeeeee
please enjoy my 3rd crazy video=>

its just for fun
just to tease my fellow old friends
well...hello February..please be nice to me
i promise will stud hard and work hard