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Thursday, December 6, 2012

never hates Mr.Boogie

althought we're just known in short short..moments
i've never hates him
and i've never lied when i said 'i love u' to him
and whatever happen
i never hates him
why should i?
its so immature of me if i need to argue or hates him
he said we can be friend
why should i be mad??

honestly yes!at first i can't accept what he have done to me
we had a lot of happy n sweet moments
just take it as my mistakes as well
cuz easily fallin' in love
but i will never hates him
lets what pass is pass
i still can be friend although we're like stranger now
even my past past ex i still can keep in touch with them
why not Mr.Boogie
he text and call sayin' he miss me
i appreciate it so much means he did't forget me although hurmmmm
tettttt what ever
i don't want to be immature being his enemy and so on
his brother was my best friend
why can't i make him my friend as well...

don't easily judging anyone
cuz i trust that theres a good side of him =)