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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last love...

Mr.Boogie or a.k.a Ahmad Zhariff Azman
the one that i've known
its hard for me to let u go
we're always had the on off relationship
whatever happens to us
whatever i know about u
i've never mad at u
i've never thought u as the bad person or anything
because u gave me such a wonderful memoirs although we're arguing and fight every each moments
i will always loves u
the best moments that i always remember when being with u is the way u care about me
the way u kisses my forehead and cheeks
the way u purpose me in the cinema
all ur sweet poems and
the sweet moments u gave me
remember the korean alphabet that u wrote for me
and the 1$ bills with ur wonderful poems

i will remember all ur words
hates me
maybe i deserve it
cuz i treats u so badly
and i'm sorry
hopes u r happy with ur life now
and i'm happy with mine
sorry to what i've done
i will keep all our happy memories in my mind
i'll try keep u as my last love in my heart
sorry if i've hurts u so much