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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Heartbroken =(

Sorry u all
in this moment
i can't continue the 'Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Cream' and 'Luna Love Story' for a moment
cuz i'm busy with my final project
and at the same time
my heart was totally broken...crush...because of someone
i think i already given him so many chance although in short moments
and i don't know
he hurts me so much
sometimes i felt like i wanna cry
cuz for me...Mr.Boogie like already opens my eyes and my heart
i thought
he was different
he said he was sincere to own my heart
i have given him a chance....
but...i don't know
i can accept him just the way he is
but he just playing with my feelings

and....he the first man ever that i've kissed before
honestly...he is my first kiss
he did't even appreciate the chance i've been given to him
i don't blame him
maybe i should blame my self cuz easily believing someone

cuz,,,,i don't know

and i choose the wrong person
i'm totally crush after what happen
it was a short...short relationship
i felt like being played
not like...but i'm totally being PLAYED
i akready love him
my silence doesn't mean i'm ignoring him
its just that
i don't want to be an immature that can't accept the destiny ='(

ok thanx for everything
u r really sweet...but please don't play with the others feelings
my heart totally broken when u we're lying with all ur words before
i did't kept ur ring
but i kept the 1dollar bills with all ur wonderful words
hope one day u will realizes the MISTAKES that u already done