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Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Wish =)

my wih on december??
i got a lot of wish
i wish...
i could free from the hurtness that i felt
it pains
it burns
cuz there some of november moments that hurts me so damn much
the wonderful about november
i got my friends that always loving me just the way i am
the best best best best moments are during my birthday
thanks to my super duper loveble friends

my crazy friends!!!
without them
i would be the smugly moody lonely
the best part on my birthday are the CHARITY FLASHMOB!
thanx to them for surprising me with special birthday song
birthday party
thank u so much
i've met and get to know lots of new people enters my world on november

thank u for making me happy although in short or long moments
ok ^_^
no revenge just silence

its already december now
brand new days
brand new month
and lets draw new wonderful memories
erase the hurtness
wipe the tears
cheer up and buckle up
what i need now...just a laughter and smile of december
i don't want just drawing fake smiles on my face
let me draw the real smiles
cuz before this...
i am smiling but inside
lots of hurts and pains thats i kept
i'm just trying being happy
but actually i'm not happy
now....i don't want this heart to be in pains anymore
i will try healing u up
i will try =)