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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye 2012,,,Hello 2013

never thought that times gonna past so fast
its time to say sayonara to 2012
never thought that plenty of wonderful memories already bee through
from 2012 i learn so many thing
theres also a sad memories also during 2012
never though i'm gonna lost my beloved friend on that year
life must go on
don't let the tears flowing again
at this time also
its hard for me to leave my friends
its already the end of our diploma's years
but it still not a good bye for our friendship
waiting for the upcoming wonderful days in 2013
thank u Allah S.W.T for giving us that still living in your wonderful earth breath again to continue our days and life
insya'Allah we will take a good care of it and follow what u already have told us to do

Friday, December 28, 2012

keep on be strong....=')

i will try to move on
accept the fact the fact that
u r not belong to me
seems u r very happy with the one that....special for u now
its hurts but i will move on
move on
slowly i will accept everything
its not easy for me
cuz u r the most wonderful things that ever happen to me

its hard
but i will try to accept it
thank u for everything
hope yesterday was not the last call from u
i will pray and wish u happy with her ^_^

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


u r my love
u r my soul
my friends
they r like diamonds for me yawl
always there when i need them always make me laugh and smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
love all of ya
expecially da girls~~~(sorry haziq a.k.a haziqah a.k.a haziqazman661)
love u XOXO
its almost the end of our diploma's journey
hopes that our friendship will last long
i will always love ya'
i'm gonna miss our crazy hang out moments and evil tease moments

Last love...

Mr.Boogie or a.k.a Ahmad Zhariff Azman
the one that i've known
its hard for me to let u go
we're always had the on off relationship
whatever happens to us
whatever i know about u
i've never mad at u
i've never thought u as the bad person or anything
because u gave me such a wonderful memoirs although we're arguing and fight every each moments
i will always loves u
the best moments that i always remember when being with u is the way u care about me
the way u kisses my forehead and cheeks
the way u purpose me in the cinema
all ur sweet poems and
the sweet moments u gave me
remember the korean alphabet that u wrote for me
and the 1$ bills with ur wonderful poems

i will remember all ur words
hates me
maybe i deserve it
cuz i treats u so badly
and i'm sorry
hopes u r happy with ur life now
and i'm happy with mine
sorry to what i've done
i will keep all our happy memories in my mind
i'll try keep u as my last love in my heart
sorry if i've hurts u so much

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mr Chocolate Cookie & Ms. Vanilla Cream Chapter 15

Mr.Chocolate still can't beleive that Ms.Vanilla are going married with someone else
should he just forget about her or fight for his love??
Ms Vanilla was the first girl that ever make his heart falling in love
he still confuse and so sad...
Ms Vanilla looks very happy in the arms of the man she will married soon
mr chocolate don't want to easily give up
he will fight to get Ms Vanilla back
what ever happens
he will tried hard to gets ms vanilla's heart back

in order to get ms vanilla's heart back
mr chocolate keep following ms vanilla to find a chance to get alone with her and want to talk to her about his past mistakes and misunderstanding
he stalking ms vanilla along 2weeks before her big wedding to get to know what her daily activities and where she lived now
he also spying on the guy the she will married soon
what will happen??

+to be continue+

Dear readers....

sorry for the delaying of the upcoming chapters of my novels
now i'm still busy and not in good condition
my friend in the hospital and she's still coma
please pray for her healthness
i will continue my novel after  everything was fine again

7th day...='(

everyday we never stops praying and hoping she will wake up and comeback
she is our beloved friend
the one that always make us happy
the one that always makes us laugh
and the one that cares so much about her friends
is the 7th day she still coma
miss the every moments she was at infront of our eyes...
please wake up Siti Fatimah
and stay strong
we will always be on your side ='(
everyone is missing you

Friday, December 7, 2012

i just want her to awake...

she's my closed friend
we argue
we tease each other
and we spends so many secrets and time together
i hope so much she will wake up soon
and come back as normal
yess we all miss her so much
please wake up ct...
i know u we're only sleeping not coma
i believe that one day u will awake
we all miss u so much!
hope we will laugh together again
we will keep on praying for u
just please wake up from ur bed ='(

Thursday, December 6, 2012

never hates Mr.Boogie

althought we're just known in short short..moments
i've never hates him
and i've never lied when i said 'i love u' to him
and whatever happen
i never hates him
why should i?
its so immature of me if i need to argue or hates him
he said we can be friend
why should i be mad??

honestly yes!at first i can't accept what he have done to me
we had a lot of happy n sweet moments
just take it as my mistakes as well
cuz easily fallin' in love
but i will never hates him
lets what pass is pass
i still can be friend although we're like stranger now
even my past past ex i still can keep in touch with them
why not Mr.Boogie
he text and call sayin' he miss me
i appreciate it so much means he did't forget me although hurmmmm
tettttt what ever
i don't want to be immature being his enemy and so on
his brother was my best friend
why can't i make him my friend as well...

don't easily judging anyone
cuz i trust that theres a good side of him =)

Dear Beloved Friend

dear friends...please pray for my friend Siti Fatimah Kamaruddin
hope she will open her eyes and awaken from coma
she just had an accident yesterday with her brother
her brother Muhammad Saifullah Kamaruddin died yesterday
hope that he will rest in peace at Allah side...amin and Al-Fatihah

hope she will awake
she was my first college friend
she was so nice
and i hope she will awake
she have done a lot of things for me
she makes me smile and get to know with lots of friend
please pray for he ='(

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Wish =)

my wih on december??
i got a lot of wish
i wish...
i could free from the hurtness that i felt
it pains
it burns
cuz there some of november moments that hurts me so damn much
the wonderful about november
i got my friends that always loving me just the way i am
the best best best best moments are during my birthday
thanks to my super duper loveble friends

my crazy friends!!!
without them
i would be the smugly moody lonely
the best part on my birthday are the CHARITY FLASHMOB!
thanx to them for surprising me with special birthday song
birthday party
thank u so much
i've met and get to know lots of new people enters my world on november

thank u for making me happy although in short or long moments
ok ^_^
no revenge just silence

its already december now
brand new days
brand new month
and lets draw new wonderful memories
erase the hurtness
wipe the tears
cheer up and buckle up
what i need now...just a laughter and smile of december
i don't want just drawing fake smiles on my face
let me draw the real smiles
cuz before this...
i am smiling but inside
lots of hurts and pains thats i kept
i'm just trying being happy
but actually i'm not happy
now....i don't want this heart to be in pains anymore
i will try healing u up
i will try =)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello December =')

Hello Decemberrrrrrr
please give me the light of happiness
please draw the wonderful memories for me
please erase all the hurts memoirs in my mind
and please heals all the hurts in my heart

please cheers me up, December
i need something that could change me and let my hearts blossom like fresh flowers again =')

Heartbroken =(

Sorry u all
in this moment
i can't continue the 'Chocolate Cookie and Vanilla Cream' and 'Luna Love Story' for a moment
cuz i'm busy with my final project
and at the same time
my heart was totally broken...crush...because of someone
i think i already given him so many chance although in short moments
and i don't know
he hurts me so much
sometimes i felt like i wanna cry
cuz for me...Mr.Boogie like already opens my eyes and my heart
i thought
he was different
he said he was sincere to own my heart
i have given him a chance....
but...i don't know
i can accept him just the way he is
but he just playing with my feelings

and....he the first man ever that i've kissed before
honestly...he is my first kiss
he did't even appreciate the chance i've been given to him
i don't blame him
maybe i should blame my self cuz easily believing someone

cuz,,,,i don't know

and i choose the wrong person
i'm totally crush after what happen
it was a short...short relationship
i felt like being played
not like...but i'm totally being PLAYED
i akready love him
my silence doesn't mean i'm ignoring him
its just that
i don't want to be an immature that can't accept the destiny ='(

ok thanx for everything
u r really sweet...but please don't play with the others feelings
my heart totally broken when u we're lying with all ur words before
i did't kept ur ring
but i kept the 1dollar bills with all ur wonderful words
hope one day u will realizes the MISTAKES that u already done