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Friday, November 2, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream ( Chapter 11)


Finally after two years
Mr.Chocolate already finish his mandatory service
He feel free like a bird
What on his mind just Ms.Vanilla
He wants to meet Ms.Vanilla
After what just happen
He lost contact with Ms.Vanilla
Ms.Vanilla did’t reply any of Mr.Chocolate text,email and letters
Ms.Vanilla even did’t pick up any of Mr.Chocolate calls

After the army graduation ceremony
All the mandatory trainers cheers because they also graduated just like Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate was looking all around maybe Ms.Vanilla was at his graduation ceremony
He was so disappointed when he did’t see Ms.Vanilla anywhere
“Congratulation!” Mr.Chocolate was surprised
A girl hugs him from back
Is it Ms.Vanilla?
Its Ms.Butter Scotch…Mr.Chocolate smiles slowly vanish from his face when he turns back and he saw Ms.Butter the one that hugs him from his back and not Ms.Vanilla just the way he hopes too.

“What are you doing here?” Mr.Chocolate ask to Ms.Butter
“I just want to congratulate it’s your graduation day right??Where’s Ms.Vanilla?”
Ms.Butter purposely ask Mr.Chocolate about Ms.Vanilla because she know’s that Ms.Vanilla was not coming
“Daddy!” Ms.Butter quickly grab on the General Commander of the military camp, Chief Mint Scotch
No wonder she can always have permission to visit Mr.Chocolate because she’s the Chief Mint Scotch daughter.
“Sir!” Mr.Chocolate salutes the General Commander.
“Prebets, your doing so well…congratulation you finally manage to finish your mandatory service”
“Yes Sir.”
Ms.Butter and Chief Mint walk pass Mr.Chocolate

Mr.Chocolate fell so happy finally he arrived at his home
He quickly puts all his stuff at his room and rush back to his car
“Choclate!where are u going?”His mother asking to him when she saw Mr.Chocolate was rushing to go somewhere
But Mr.Chocolate did’t heard what her mother says to him
Mr.Chocolate drive so fast
He want to go to meet Ms.Vanilla
So he drive his car to Ms.Vanilla’s house
Once he arrive at Ms.Vanilla’s house he rings the bell and knock the door
He also calling Ms.Vanilla names but she’s never came out
He even call her mobile phone for several time but it keeps connected to her voice mailbox
Suddenly the door slowly opens
But, it’s not Ms.Vanilla that open the door
An old woman wearing  blue shirt and kneel-cut shorts came out from behind the door
“Looking for who?”
Mr.Chocolate was startled and shock, “Is… here?”
“Oh, the Cream’s Family? They already move out a year ago.” The old lady says
Mr.Chocolate was so shock after hearing the old lady statements
“Where did they move?!”
“I don’t really know they did’t tell me anything about their new address. They just told me they move to somewhere at Mocha Chum.”
Mocha Chum was 50 000 miles away
And Mocha Chum was a big country
Where can he found Ms.Vanilla?
How can he go there?

+To Be Continued+