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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 14)


Mr.Chocolate hearts crush like a glass when Ms.Vanilla says she's getting married
is it true or Ms.Vanilla just creates the story to get herself escape from Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate's tears drops like fountain when remembering what Ms.Vanilla have said
although ms.Vanilla says she's getting married
Mr.Chocolate will never stops loving her
he keot following Ms.Vanilla wherever she goes
he wants to know
whether Ms.Vanilla was lying to him or is it true she's getting married
Mr.Chocolate follows Ms.Vanilla to her house
and after he manage to tracks Ms.Vanilla
he planned to follow wherever she goes and want to know who is the man that will be her future husband

Mr.Chocolate follows Ms.Vanilla wherever she goes without Ms.Vanilla realise that he was following he
Mr.Chocolate follows Ms.Vanilla to the brides shop
Ms.Vanilla want to try to fitting her wedding dress for her wedding
Mr.Chocolate just watch her from far distance
at the same time his tears slowly falling when sees Ms.Vanilla trying her weeding dress
then suddenly a guy hugs Ms.Vanilla from her back
Mr.Chocolate was shock
he almost run to Ms.Vanilla
The guy hugs her lovingly
while Ms.Vanilla did't even mad at him
that is Ms.Vanilla's future husband
Mr.Chocolate hearts burns and crush like a paper
he quickly left the place cuz he felt so disappointed that Ms.Vanilla looks so happy in other guy arms 
should he get her heart back or just back off??

+To Be Continued+