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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms. Vanilla Cream (Chapter 13)


Mr.Chocolate keep on cam to the Candy Cafe
who knows if Ms.Vanilla will show up again
he keep coming to the cafe and waits Ms.Vanilla to show up
sometimes he ask to the owner and the waitress whether Ms.Vanilla always come to the cafe
they said Ms.Vanilla will come every weekend reading novels
Mr.Chocolate really hopes Ms.Vanilla gonna shown up
like almost 3weeks Mr.Chocolate coming to the cafe hoping Ms.Vanilla gonna come

the waiting's actually worth it
Ms.Vanilla finally appears and came to the cafe
Mr.Chocolate just can see her from far distance
few minutes after that
Ms.Vanilla realizes his existence
she tries to escape
however its too late
Mr.Chocolate quickly grabs her hands
ang hugs her tightly

Mr.Chocolate don't want to let her go again
"Ms.Vanilla i miss you so much...i've been looking for you could u leave me?"
Ms.Vanilla push Mr.Chocolate away
"Miss me??!looking for me??!you already have someone that could replace...why would u have to look for me again?"
"it's all misunderstanding...she's the one..she's.."
Ms.Vanilla's tears slowly falling from her cheeks
she tries to walk away but Mr.Chocolate again grabs her hand
"Vanilla please.."
Ms.Vanilla slap Mr.Chocolate's face
"Don't look for me again...i'm getting married soon with the one that will never betray me"
Ms.Vanilla shows her ring and leave Mr.Chocolate behind

+To Be Continued+