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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms. Vanilla Cream (Chapter 10)


Ms.Butter startled when suddenly Mr.Chocolate shouted at her
at the same time
Ms.Vanilla Cream was right behind Mr.Chocolate
she was on her way to go towards Mr.Chocolate
but when Ms.Butter saw her
she quickly hugs Mr.Chocolate tightly and crying
and Mr.Chocolate was totally shocked and felt guilty
he thought Ms.Butter was crying because he was yelling to her
he did't noticed that Ms.Vanilla was right behind him

Ms.Vanilla hearts crush when she saw Ms.Butter were hugging each other
she thinks that Ms.Butter and Mr.Chocolate we're getting back together again
the sound of the lunch box that Ms.Vanilla drops from her hands mades Mr.Chocolate startled, he pushed Ms.Butter away and he turns back he surprised when he saw Ms.Vanilla was right behind him

"It's not what you thinks it is"
Mr.Chocolate were trying to explain the truth to Ms.Vanilla
but Ms.Vanilla immediately leave Mr.Chocolate and Ms.Butter without looking back
she's crying all the way to her car
he keeps remember how Ms.Butter hugs Mr.Chocolate
Does Mr.Chocolate hearts already change after go far a part from her??
is he??
is it just wasting her time waiting for Mr.Chocolate??

Mr.Chocolate try to run after Ms.Vanilla
but it's too late
she already leave the place...what is left just the trace of her car tires
he regrets
he should realize that the one he loved so much was right behind him
he miss her so much
but Ms.Butter already ruin everythings
Ms.Butter just smiling
she was happy she manage to get rid of Ms.Vanilla
Mr.Chocolate hopes he could finish his military service as soon as possible so he could meet Ms.Vanilla and explain everythings

Will Ms.Vanilla be okay?
Will Ms.Butter gets the Mr.Chocolate hearts back?
Will Mr.Chocolate manage to explain everything to Ms.Vanilla??

+To Be Continued+