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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Luna & Love Stories Eps.2

First Love but Not True Love

My first love starts during my 1 semester at my college
fresh new days get to know lots of friend
from there also i've my first love,Ken
Ken was a friend of my best friend,Eisha
Eisha the one that introduce me to Ken
Ken is from Sabah
he rather fly 5000miles to study in KL
i am impress with him
he takes Diploma in culinary arts
since it first semester
we have a chance to get to know each other because we're not bound with our course subject yet
Ken and i were in the same class and same subject
he was so nice and sweet
he always helps me and accompany me when i need it
sometimes we chat in social networks
sometimes we text each other
and we will hang out together after class
i like his funny,sweet and kind attitude
he got really good sense of humor
slowly i felt in love with Ken
i don't know how he felt towards me
as for me....
his personal makes me wanna be a part of his heart
Ken will always contact me no matter where he goes
after a month knowing Ken
finally both of us declare and confess to each other
Ken loves me so much
he always take a good care of me...

during semester break...
Ken have to go back to his hometown at Sabah
i'm gonna miss him so much....
although he was busy at his hometown
he will never to forget to text me
contact me
sending love text to me to remind me how much he loves me
day by day...
his attitudes changes after came back from his hometown
he also did't tell me when he get back from Sabah
it kinda hurts me
some of my friends says...he already have other girl in his life
i try to ask to Ken
He like don't want to say anything about it
he tries to explain everything
it seems like...our relationship can't go on
we break up..
i feel so sad
because Ken the one that teach me what is love
and he is my first boyfriend and first love
i realize that...he might be my first love
but he's not my true love =')