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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good Start and bad Endings of Mr.Boogie

yesterday i had so many wonderful moments with the one that i think would change everything
we're spending so much time together
and i starting to love him so much
everyday every minutes every second
he will not forget to say 'i love u'
sometimes i felt afraid to replies back what he said cuz
is it for real??

this is the 1dollar bill that he wrotes his special words for me to show how much he loved me
the sincere that he wanna show me
he even give me a ring and left his red varsity jackets to me
the moment he ask yesterday....
'Would u be mine?'
so i just looked in his eyes and kiss his cheeks to showed that i've said 'yes'
cuz i've hurt him so much before to have me in his life
we used our day out together yesterday as the day we declare ourself as new lovers
but then...
at the evening
when both of us already get back home
suddenly he text me
he was afraid to be with me
suddenly he changes his mind
and i don't know what does he thinks on his head right now
is he being posses by something or what?
i already accept him and already answered his proposal to me
suddenly he changes his mind
he said sorry so many times and i did't reply any one of it
as for me
it's ok
his not ready and wanna be friend with me
i can't force him to stay with me
if he suddenly changes his mind
its ok
from there i already knows to analyze who he is and how he is
he is unpredictable
as for me...still gonna move on with the next man...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #EvilAnne

what i've been worried that i would lost my bestfriend
i did't mean to lie to him
i've tried to hide the truth
not denying the truth
i tried to tell the truth
be i can't tell the truth
that's dilemma
i know he is not the only my friends i had
what i've done is everything relates closely to him
we're being friend for a long time
now i've made a big mistakes
i just need to be alone
NOVEMBER is sucks
my birthday is upcoming
and this is the worst things in my life