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Thursday, November 1, 2012

At This Time =3

Always at times like this, I think of you
Always at times like this, rain falls
When I lay down at home alone, tears always come
Always at times like this, I think of you
Always at times like this, I want a drink
On my way back home alone, I keep thinking of you
On my way home after work, I drag myself with droopy shoulders
I eat dinner alone with just kimchi and dried seaweed
On the weekends, I just lay around in my room with nothing to do
The TV in the corner of my room is my only friend
The money I spent on cigarettes could’ve bought me a car
I was popular when I was younger but as I grow older, they just call me funny
That’s it – only my chattering lips have struggled and are in pain
After a drink with my friends on a weekend night
I had to go home but the numerous taxi’s won’t stop
So I walk through this cold city alone
When I get home and lay down, it’s always at times like this
Love is always like this, it comes and goes like the wind
It’s all passing by anyway, all the memories are trapped in time
If I loved without regret, that’s all that matters – what we did was plenty and enough
Let’s let it all out with tears, let’s brush it off like a man
Traces of you that time couldn’t wash away
No matter how much I run away, I’m still near you
Though the wound healed, the scar remains
But I still try to live and laugh, pretending to forget you
I will always be thinking of you forever but my emotions will numb over time
But when I lay down in bed late at night and open my phone, it’s always at times like this
Even if beautiful days like those will never come again
Though those days are no more, though I don’t have you anymore
Don’t forget, don’t erase the last words I want to say to you
I think of you