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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


like honestly
my heart was totally heartbreak,,,
why i keep being 'played' by a guy that i already fall in...?
i take a good care of them
but at the end they hurts my feelings
they the one who start the 'love'
but then they've lied with the 'love' words

that's why now....i'm the one who is the bad girl
playin' with the other hearts
i've promise to myself
i will stop what i've been doing now
it's not good to play with the others feeling
in that case
i'm just the same with all the guys that have hurt me so much
i've hurt so much right now
the moment i love someone
and unexpectedly
the one i love will hurts me so damn much
why did they've done that???
where the 'sincere'  they keep sayin'
where the 'love' they keep expressing to me
that's all L.I.E
man hurts me so much
i don't believe what is LOVE cuz its a total LIE when i already start loving them
ok tq

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My face smiling my heart crying

i've played this game
and i'm the one who lost
i don't know
it felt so hurt
i thought he really sincere
but he is not
i start to loving him
'trusting him
but he just playing with my own feelings
i have no idea what i should do know
i don't know
i don't know
he hurts me
but i still...
ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XP

SOrry to VIXX and Nu'est

Dear VIXX and Nu'est
on behalf of Malaysian
we're really sorry to what happen during 8TV!ShoutAwards
not all Malaysian are kpop haters
just some of them doesn't have manners and good attitude
actually just some of the Malaysian doesn't have manners at all
hope u did't take it to ur heart
we're really sorry
we did't hate u
we know u hurt to what happen
ur music rocks
music connects the people
ok ^_^
we're so so sorry to what happen
hope it won't happen again

Friday, November 23, 2012

Best birthday everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

thank u everyone...
now Ernaini Mahfud already reach her 20's
but i still acting like a little child
cuz i don't wanna be a grown up
life must go on and age will keep raising
i am touch with the love that my friends gave to me
although i'm totally hurt right now after what happen to me
my love and heart being played by a guy again
i have my friends
that keeps me smiling
that's always filled my life
i love u all!!!
thankx for the birthday presents
i don't really hoping for the presents
what i hope is
we will always be friend and be together like this and lived happily

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream (Chapter 14)


Mr.Chocolate hearts crush like a glass when Ms.Vanilla says she's getting married
is it true or Ms.Vanilla just creates the story to get herself escape from Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate's tears drops like fountain when remembering what Ms.Vanilla have said
although ms.Vanilla says she's getting married
Mr.Chocolate will never stops loving her
he keot following Ms.Vanilla wherever she goes
he wants to know
whether Ms.Vanilla was lying to him or is it true she's getting married
Mr.Chocolate follows Ms.Vanilla to her house
and after he manage to tracks Ms.Vanilla
he planned to follow wherever she goes and want to know who is the man that will be her future husband

Mr.Chocolate follows Ms.Vanilla wherever she goes without Ms.Vanilla realise that he was following he
Mr.Chocolate follows Ms.Vanilla to the brides shop
Ms.Vanilla want to try to fitting her wedding dress for her wedding
Mr.Chocolate just watch her from far distance
at the same time his tears slowly falling when sees Ms.Vanilla trying her weeding dress
then suddenly a guy hugs Ms.Vanilla from her back
Mr.Chocolate was shock
he almost run to Ms.Vanilla
The guy hugs her lovingly
while Ms.Vanilla did't even mad at him
that is Ms.Vanilla's future husband
Mr.Chocolate hearts burns and crush like a paper
he quickly left the place cuz he felt so disappointed that Ms.Vanilla looks so happy in other guy arms 
should he get her heart back or just back off??

+To Be Continued+

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Luna & Love Stories Eps.2

First Love but Not True Love

My first love starts during my 1 semester at my college
fresh new days get to know lots of friend
from there also i've my first love,Ken
Ken was a friend of my best friend,Eisha
Eisha the one that introduce me to Ken
Ken is from Sabah
he rather fly 5000miles to study in KL
i am impress with him
he takes Diploma in culinary arts
since it first semester
we have a chance to get to know each other because we're not bound with our course subject yet
Ken and i were in the same class and same subject
he was so nice and sweet
he always helps me and accompany me when i need it
sometimes we chat in social networks
sometimes we text each other
and we will hang out together after class
i like his funny,sweet and kind attitude
he got really good sense of humor
slowly i felt in love with Ken
i don't know how he felt towards me
as for me....
his personal makes me wanna be a part of his heart
Ken will always contact me no matter where he goes
after a month knowing Ken
finally both of us declare and confess to each other
Ken loves me so much
he always take a good care of me...

during semester break...
Ken have to go back to his hometown at Sabah
i'm gonna miss him so much....
although he was busy at his hometown
he will never to forget to text me
contact me
sending love text to me to remind me how much he loves me
day by day...
his attitudes changes after came back from his hometown
he also did't tell me when he get back from Sabah
it kinda hurts me
some of my friends says...he already have other girl in his life
i try to ask to Ken
He like don't want to say anything about it
he tries to explain everything
it seems like...our relationship can't go on
we break up..
i feel so sad
because Ken the one that teach me what is love
and he is my first boyfriend and first love
i realize that...he might be my first love
but he's not my true love =')

Luna & Love Stories Eps.1


i am Luna
i'm a diploma student and i'm 19 years old
i am an adult but still a teenagers
what do u all know about love?
as for me...
i still can't understand what so special about love
cuz my love story never had a happy endings
i always being hurt by love
my love stories never had its specialty
i don't know what's my mistakes what i've done
but the man it self...
always playing with my feelings
i always try to be the one that the best for them
my loves stories start when i continue my studies at college
from there...
i learn how to be a grown up
livin' in the city independently
far from my parents

i've met with lots of men
fall in love with various type of men
get to know with lots of men
and being loved and loved by men
i got few love stories for ya'
do you wanna know it?

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream

Chapter 1 >

Chapter 2 >

Chapter 3 >

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Chapter 8>

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Chapter 12>

Chapter 13>

Truth that unspeechless

these days
there something that hidden in my heart
something that unspeechless
and something that i don't wanna say any words of it
nobody wanna hear it
and even i don't want say anything about it
i loved to be quiet and alone
for now
these days
r kinda sucks days ever
i don't know how to express it
to express that actually i've been hurt a lot
i need a better life
better alone life
maybe i should die?
it's not just about family
its also about all around miserable horrible
i don't know how to tell ya'
as a conclusion
actually i'm really confuse right now

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms. Vanilla Cream (Chapter 13)


Mr.Chocolate keep on cam to the Candy Cafe
who knows if Ms.Vanilla will show up again
he keep coming to the cafe and waits Ms.Vanilla to show up
sometimes he ask to the owner and the waitress whether Ms.Vanilla always come to the cafe
they said Ms.Vanilla will come every weekend reading novels
Mr.Chocolate really hopes Ms.Vanilla gonna shown up
like almost 3weeks Mr.Chocolate coming to the cafe hoping Ms.Vanilla gonna come

the waiting's actually worth it
Ms.Vanilla finally appears and came to the cafe
Mr.Chocolate just can see her from far distance
few minutes after that
Ms.Vanilla realizes his existence
she tries to escape
however its too late
Mr.Chocolate quickly grabs her hands
ang hugs her tightly

Mr.Chocolate don't want to let her go again
"Ms.Vanilla i miss you so much...i've been looking for you could u leave me?"
Ms.Vanilla push Mr.Chocolate away
"Miss me??!looking for me??!you already have someone that could replace...why would u have to look for me again?"
"it's all misunderstanding...she's the one..she's.."
Ms.Vanilla's tears slowly falling from her cheeks
she tries to walk away but Mr.Chocolate again grabs her hand
"Vanilla please.."
Ms.Vanilla slap Mr.Chocolate's face
"Don't look for me again...i'm getting married soon with the one that will never betray me"
Ms.Vanilla shows her ring and leave Mr.Chocolate behind

+To Be Continued+

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

i don't need a man

enough is enough
i easily fallen in love with someone
i think i've made a right thing
prefer 2 be like this
the others does't know what i've been through
for the 6th time
i've been hurt by men
i wanna share story wana tell what i had the hurtness that know one knows
so...i think better be alone and just keep it as secret
everyone thinks i'm desperate of man loves
my feeling keep being played by men ='(

Good Start and bad Endings of Mr.Boogie

yesterday i had so many wonderful moments with the one that i think would change everything
we're spending so much time together
and i starting to love him so much
everyday every minutes every second
he will not forget to say 'i love u'
sometimes i felt afraid to replies back what he said cuz
is it for real??

this is the 1dollar bill that he wrotes his special words for me to show how much he loved me
the sincere that he wanna show me
he even give me a ring and left his red varsity jackets to me
the moment he ask yesterday....
'Would u be mine?'
so i just looked in his eyes and kiss his cheeks to showed that i've said 'yes'
cuz i've hurt him so much before to have me in his life
we used our day out together yesterday as the day we declare ourself as new lovers
but then...
at the evening
when both of us already get back home
suddenly he text me
he was afraid to be with me
suddenly he changes his mind
and i don't know what does he thinks on his head right now
is he being posses by something or what?
i already accept him and already answered his proposal to me
suddenly he changes his mind
he said sorry so many times and i did't reply any one of it
as for me
it's ok
his not ready and wanna be friend with me
i can't force him to stay with me
if he suddenly changes his mind
its ok
from there i already knows to analyze who he is and how he is
he is unpredictable
as for me...still gonna move on with the next man...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #EvilAnne

what i've been worried that i would lost my bestfriend
i did't mean to lie to him
i've tried to hide the truth
not denying the truth
i tried to tell the truth
be i can't tell the truth
that's dilemma
i know he is not the only my friends i had
what i've done is everything relates closely to him
we're being friend for a long time
now i've made a big mistakes
i just need to be alone
NOVEMBER is sucks
my birthday is upcoming
and this is the worst things in my life

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mr.Boogie 3

this is my Mr.boogie
already recognize him??
i just purposely post this picture so u all will be more curious to know who he is
he is a nice guy
love me so much and cares me so much
i don't know am i ready to be someone special to him
u know...
i still have my bad attitude that i love to do during my 'single' time
only the one that knows me know what did i do during my 'single' time
shhh shhh
i will tried to focus on my mr.boogie
why did i call him a boogieman
he came out from no where
i'm happy i've known him and had a chance to get to know him
but i need to know him more deeper and deeper
cuz if u love someone
of coz u wanna know where he come from
who he is?
how he is?
what i know
loved bowling,teasing,naughty,crazy and...lovable+caring+romantic

'People Change'
someone told me that
i need to trust my self
and tried to know him what is best
then looks how the relationship gonna goes on
maybe he could be the one that could change the roughest of my heart

Mr.Boogie 2

i've made him cries a lot yesterday bcuz of me
he was so sweet
i don't know what he wrote on his 1bill
he's kinda crazy but sweet and honest at the same time
yesterday we're webcams...calling
just to spend some time ti get to know each other
kinda surprise he already followed me like almost 6month
but never had a chance to speak with me
i call him 'sayang' (love)
cuz i slowly fallin' to his sweet attitude and the way he treats me right
but i don't know
sometime i felt like
i'm not ready yet to move on
i just targeted this year as my 'single' year
then he came and...
he made me smile
he made me happy
why did i did't put his pictures in my blog??
well...i'll tell u who he is later on..ok

Sunday, November 11, 2012


why did i call him Mr.Boogie??
because Mr.Boogie is my fav song and
he is a boogie
comes from nowhere...and someone told me that
he is my stalker & secret admire
at first
i think its creepy
i discover that
he such a sweet guy
at the same time
i also like to tease him
well i just wanna know how much he loves me
i don't want my past hunts me back
the previous memoirs really hurts me so much
hope that Mr.ZA doesn't do the same
cuz i already starting to love him ^_^

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms Vanilla Cream (Chapter 12)


Mr.Chocolate never gives up on trying to keep on searching Ms.Vanilla at Mocha Chum
it's already almost three weeks
there still no sign of Ms.Vanilla anywhere
he drove his car all around the Mocha Chum town
he hope that he might bump with Ms.Vanilla
sometimes he park his car beside a street and walk pass the cafe and stores
asking people around maybe they saw or know Ms.Vanilla
he walk past the Candy cafe
he saw a girl that seems so familiar
she's sitting alone,wearing specs and reading novels
Mr.Chocolate slowly approaching that girl
the closer he goes his tears slowly drops
the girls really looks like Ms.Vanilla
is it true she is Ms.Vanilla?
the girl slowly look at Mr.Chocolate's face
she looks so shock after seeing Mr.Chocolate was infront of her
she is Ms.Vanilla
she's remembers why she left him before she almost want to hug Mr.Chocolate because she really miss him
after that she urgently leaving the cafe
Mr.Chocolate follows her from back and try to grab her hand
"Vanilla!please where are you going?!"
Mr.Chocolate run after Ms.Vanilla
Ms.Vanilla tries to run away from Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate follow her until across the road
however...suddenly he lost Ms.Vanilla traces from his eyes
don't know where Ms.Vanilla have been

+To Be Continued+

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mr.Boogie (is he the one?)

few days a go..
someone has confess to me that he really liked me and already admire me since last semester
now i'm in semester 8 and he still in semester 5
so that's means he is my junior
but that doesn't matter
what is matter
is he really love me
he said that he really2 love me
how ever
he was the one that has quiet close 'relation' with someone i know
it's gonna be a high risk if he get a long together with me
and the one that close to him are also really2 close with me
yes i have fallen' to his honestly
i don't know
my heart says...
50-50 if i want to accept him
i liked him and slowly starting to loving him
let me get to know him first
then decide how it goes
he really a nice guy
but i don't know
i can't just easily accept him as a part of my heart
not just him...
theres another two guys also doing a same thing as he do
my heart still can't accept no one
i'm still in bleeding & hurting because of love =')

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla Cream ( Chapter 11)


Finally after two years
Mr.Chocolate already finish his mandatory service
He feel free like a bird
What on his mind just Ms.Vanilla
He wants to meet Ms.Vanilla
After what just happen
He lost contact with Ms.Vanilla
Ms.Vanilla did’t reply any of Mr.Chocolate text,email and letters
Ms.Vanilla even did’t pick up any of Mr.Chocolate calls

After the army graduation ceremony
All the mandatory trainers cheers because they also graduated just like Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate was looking all around maybe Ms.Vanilla was at his graduation ceremony
He was so disappointed when he did’t see Ms.Vanilla anywhere
“Congratulation!” Mr.Chocolate was surprised
A girl hugs him from back
Is it Ms.Vanilla?
Its Ms.Butter Scotch…Mr.Chocolate smiles slowly vanish from his face when he turns back and he saw Ms.Butter the one that hugs him from his back and not Ms.Vanilla just the way he hopes too.

“What are you doing here?” Mr.Chocolate ask to Ms.Butter
“I just want to congratulate it’s your graduation day right??Where’s Ms.Vanilla?”
Ms.Butter purposely ask Mr.Chocolate about Ms.Vanilla because she know’s that Ms.Vanilla was not coming
“Daddy!” Ms.Butter quickly grab on the General Commander of the military camp, Chief Mint Scotch
No wonder she can always have permission to visit Mr.Chocolate because she’s the Chief Mint Scotch daughter.
“Sir!” Mr.Chocolate salutes the General Commander.
“Prebets, your doing so well…congratulation you finally manage to finish your mandatory service”
“Yes Sir.”
Ms.Butter and Chief Mint walk pass Mr.Chocolate

Mr.Chocolate fell so happy finally he arrived at his home
He quickly puts all his stuff at his room and rush back to his car
“Choclate!where are u going?”His mother asking to him when she saw Mr.Chocolate was rushing to go somewhere
But Mr.Chocolate did’t heard what her mother says to him
Mr.Chocolate drive so fast
He want to go to meet Ms.Vanilla
So he drive his car to Ms.Vanilla’s house
Once he arrive at Ms.Vanilla’s house he rings the bell and knock the door
He also calling Ms.Vanilla names but she’s never came out
He even call her mobile phone for several time but it keeps connected to her voice mailbox
Suddenly the door slowly opens
But, it’s not Ms.Vanilla that open the door
An old woman wearing  blue shirt and kneel-cut shorts came out from behind the door
“Looking for who?”
Mr.Chocolate was startled and shock, “Is… here?”
“Oh, the Cream’s Family? They already move out a year ago.” The old lady says
Mr.Chocolate was so shock after hearing the old lady statements
“Where did they move?!”
“I don’t really know they did’t tell me anything about their new address. They just told me they move to somewhere at Mocha Chum.”
Mocha Chum was 50 000 miles away
And Mocha Chum was a big country
Where can he found Ms.Vanilla?
How can he go there?

+To Be Continued+

Thursday, November 1, 2012

i will try my best ^_^

i love writting stories so much
after the sneak peeks of my novels...i got a lot of good respond from my friends and kinda suprise thanx to one of my blog readers MissLulue Dea
i will try to finish it
just now i'm busy with my final semester
that's why i did't update much
i will try spend some time to finish what i have started
keep on reading and supporting
tq ^_^

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms. Vanilla Cream (Chapter 10)


Ms.Butter startled when suddenly Mr.Chocolate shouted at her
at the same time
Ms.Vanilla Cream was right behind Mr.Chocolate
she was on her way to go towards Mr.Chocolate
but when Ms.Butter saw her
she quickly hugs Mr.Chocolate tightly and crying
and Mr.Chocolate was totally shocked and felt guilty
he thought Ms.Butter was crying because he was yelling to her
he did't noticed that Ms.Vanilla was right behind him

Ms.Vanilla hearts crush when she saw Ms.Butter were hugging each other
she thinks that Ms.Butter and Mr.Chocolate we're getting back together again
the sound of the lunch box that Ms.Vanilla drops from her hands mades Mr.Chocolate startled, he pushed Ms.Butter away and he turns back he surprised when he saw Ms.Vanilla was right behind him

"It's not what you thinks it is"
Mr.Chocolate were trying to explain the truth to Ms.Vanilla
but Ms.Vanilla immediately leave Mr.Chocolate and Ms.Butter without looking back
she's crying all the way to her car
he keeps remember how Ms.Butter hugs Mr.Chocolate
Does Mr.Chocolate hearts already change after go far a part from her??
is he??
is it just wasting her time waiting for Mr.Chocolate??

Mr.Chocolate try to run after Ms.Vanilla
but it's too late
she already leave the place...what is left just the trace of her car tires
he regrets
he should realize that the one he loved so much was right behind him
he miss her so much
but Ms.Butter already ruin everythings
Ms.Butter just smiling
she was happy she manage to get rid of Ms.Vanilla
Mr.Chocolate hopes he could finish his military service as soon as possible so he could meet Ms.Vanilla and explain everythings

Will Ms.Vanilla be okay?
Will Ms.Butter gets the Mr.Chocolate hearts back?
Will Mr.Chocolate manage to explain everything to Ms.Vanilla??

+To Be Continued+

At This Time =3

Always at times like this, I think of you
Always at times like this, rain falls
When I lay down at home alone, tears always come
Always at times like this, I think of you
Always at times like this, I want a drink
On my way back home alone, I keep thinking of you
On my way home after work, I drag myself with droopy shoulders
I eat dinner alone with just kimchi and dried seaweed
On the weekends, I just lay around in my room with nothing to do
The TV in the corner of my room is my only friend
The money I spent on cigarettes could’ve bought me a car
I was popular when I was younger but as I grow older, they just call me funny
That’s it – only my chattering lips have struggled and are in pain
After a drink with my friends on a weekend night
I had to go home but the numerous taxi’s won’t stop
So I walk through this cold city alone
When I get home and lay down, it’s always at times like this
Love is always like this, it comes and goes like the wind
It’s all passing by anyway, all the memories are trapped in time
If I loved without regret, that’s all that matters – what we did was plenty and enough
Let’s let it all out with tears, let’s brush it off like a man
Traces of you that time couldn’t wash away
No matter how much I run away, I’m still near you
Though the wound healed, the scar remains
But I still try to live and laugh, pretending to forget you
I will always be thinking of you forever but my emotions will numb over time
But when I lay down in bed late at night and open my phone, it’s always at times like this
Even if beautiful days like those will never come again
Though those days are no more, though I don’t have you anymore
Don’t forget, don’t erase the last words I want to say to you
I think of you

Hello November ^_^ please be nice....My Birthday wish....

my fav month..
cuz my birthday was on 21st November
what i wish for my birthday??
1.BlackBerry Torch license
3.Black Dress from Kitschen
4.Hang out with my friends

it's not that's all.
what else??
let me think...
my salary...please,please be on time =((
kinda sad i just can look on things that i wanna buy so much

Hang out ^_^

Happy Bday Haziq~~~~
and Hello again November...
yesterday i'm hangin out with birthday boy and my clumsynezz friend
we had a wonderful time together watching Sinister and dine at Subway Viva shopping complex at Miharja
i scream a lot watching that movie because of the ghost
not the story line
i can't even understand what's the story line of the movie
but what is the best part
is having a good time with this two crazy fellow~~

today...i'm hangin' with my friends while we're incharge our charity booth
but i'm a bit dissapointed that....none of my friend remeber my birthday
its ok
its ok...
i did't hope anything for my birthday
just people memorize it i already appreciate it =') sobb sobb

well...nowdays i'm totally busy with my daily activities till i have not much time to updates my bloggies
sorry bloggie bloggie mummy neglect u...
i just posted 3 blogs on October
on November i will try post as many as i can...cuz November is my month babe...hehehehehehe