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Monday, August 27, 2012

My World,,,

*With Meor,,,

*With Candy AF5

*Hafidz Hip Tv


*CY a.k.a Chui Ying

*Long 7 hours journey drivin' from KL to Terengganu

this is my 2sd job with madam Sham after the 'Astro on the go'
whe was so nice,,,and Cy
i thought she was a very firm girl
i'm actually afraid with her,,,
but actually she is very flawless and sweet
just when it comes about job
she become a bit strict
but i like working with madam Sham
and all the crews we're so nice
oh yeah!
and i also have a chance hangin' out with Candy AF5 and Hafidz Hip TV
and i also met a new friend! Robert!!!
he is a chinese but he can speak a fluent Malay like a real Malay guy
and he even know how to pronounce 'Masya'Allah'
it takes 7hours driving from Kl to Kuala Terengganu
that was a long2 journey and long hours
Cy's father drive the car
and his dad was like a Superman
i don't know how he can be that tough and strong stay awaken driving us to Kuala Terengganu then drive us to our event venue
then on the last day he drive us back to KL
oh my,,,
i'm really impress with Cy's dad
he really tough and love his daughter so much
and the event crew was crazy and friendly,,,they r so nice
the best moment is hangin' around and have dinner with them during the 1st day of event
and also,,,i get to know candy and Hafidz more closer
although they r celebrities, but they r not snobby
they really friendly
and hafidz was kinda,,crazy and bully,,hehehehhe
it's nice to meet them
hope will meet them again
oh,,it's already exam week??
i already study,,but,,,i'm afraid,,,
help me!
help me!!
please wish me luck 4 the exam