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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lovey Dovey...

fuhhhh...the Tunku Abdul Rahman roads was packs with people that busy to buy cloths and some preparation for Hari Raya....
i almost collapse because i can't stand going to places that packs with peoples
my sisters already found their cloths for Raya
just left me and my older sister instead
maybe it's ok if i did't bought any cloths or doing any preperation for Raya...because~~
this year...
i don't know
it's gonna be hard days me me though
well...i'm gonna keep strong and celebrate Hari Raya like other people i'm happy
why i'm happy??
cuz i'm happy...hehehehehehehe
what is he up to??
i don't understand...but he said he is gonna makes me smile happily,,,one day~~~
i don't know what his up to... it true??
is he really mean it???
but see him happy already makes me smile everyday
i don't know...
as for me...
i'm waiting for this 14th August 2012
i'll tell u later...because it is the most special date for me
i promise i'll tell ya' later
about Mr.Lover...
honestly... i keep missing u everyday and i don't know why
then...Along 2 years of our break up although i've dated another guy after u left me
i will always kept thinking about u
because u r my first lover
i did't like u because ur background or anything
because along this 2 years...
hard for me to forget u
the more u appear in my life...the more i love u
i've date another guy because i'm trying to forget u and get riddance u from my mind
i've never changes my feelings towards u although i've met Mr.F and Mr.H
if ur not meant for's ok
that's is our destiny...
i tried to avoid my self from ya'
but i can't
the more i avoid my self from u...the more pains i've been through in my heart
its fine for me although we were only a friend...