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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Friday, August 31, 2012

Miss my mom so much,,, ='(

Last night i had a wonderful dream...
i dream my dad bought us a new house
and...we celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr together
all my family members was there
including my mom,,,
she looks so beautiful wearing beige colour of baju kurung
same with my dad...he's wearing beige baju melayu
my mom was busy making 'kuih raya'
my siblings was busy teasing her
she just smiling towards us
we laugh and eats the cakes and biscuits she bakes together
but as i woke up...
i just remember,,,she just past away 6 years ago
but that was the most wonderful dreams i ever had =') <3 p="p">unfortunately,,i forgot to hug her
hope i'll having that dream again,,,
Love u & miss u mom.. Al-Fatihah

the dream looks so real
i drops my tears this morning because i did't have a chance to hug her
and the meantime
i though it was real... =')
i was hoping it was real
i was hoping my mom was alive again
because she looks so good together with my dad
if i'm telling this to my sister....i'm sure she's gonna be so sad too...
but i am so happy having that dream

Happy Independence day Malaysia!!Merdeka!!1Merdeka!!

Happy 55th Independence Day Malaysia,,,
Love ya' ♥
it's already 55th years Malaysia's independence day
i'm proud to be Malaysian (although i am the K-pop lovers),,,hehehehhe
Malaysia is a very peaceful country
we're livin' in a multi-cultural life
although we're different culture,religions, race
we're still can livin' in the same country and have a peace life
i've worked with so many company
and i saw how the multi-race and cultural people works together in one project
4 example the Astro on the go flashmob
all the teens from different race could actually works together
hope our country will always livin' in da peace country for the next few years laters
and i'm so proud to be a Malaysians
even the other countries also adores about Malaysia

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to student life,,,

this month gonna be my last semester at KLMU
i'm gonna miss all my friends
well...they arrange like a farewell dinner this month
all of them gonna be there...including,,,
it's ok
i'm fine with it
it's maybe gonna be my last moments in Malaysia
i was planning to live at Indonesia and continue my studies there
i want to leave all my hurt memoirs here and let me live a new life...

Monday, August 27, 2012

My World,,,

*With Meor,,,

*With Candy AF5

*Hafidz Hip Tv


*CY a.k.a Chui Ying

*Long 7 hours journey drivin' from KL to Terengganu

this is my 2sd job with madam Sham after the 'Astro on the go'
whe was so nice,,,and Cy
i thought she was a very firm girl
i'm actually afraid with her,,,
but actually she is very flawless and sweet
just when it comes about job
she become a bit strict
but i like working with madam Sham
and all the crews we're so nice
oh yeah!
and i also have a chance hangin' out with Candy AF5 and Hafidz Hip TV
and i also met a new friend! Robert!!!
he is a chinese but he can speak a fluent Malay like a real Malay guy
and he even know how to pronounce 'Masya'Allah'
it takes 7hours driving from Kl to Kuala Terengganu
that was a long2 journey and long hours
Cy's father drive the car
and his dad was like a Superman
i don't know how he can be that tough and strong stay awaken driving us to Kuala Terengganu then drive us to our event venue
then on the last day he drive us back to KL
oh my,,,
i'm really impress with Cy's dad
he really tough and love his daughter so much
and the event crew was crazy and friendly,,,they r so nice
the best moment is hangin' around and have dinner with them during the 1st day of event
and also,,,i get to know candy and Hafidz more closer
although they r celebrities, but they r not snobby
they really friendly
and hafidz was kinda,,crazy and bully,,hehehehhe
it's nice to meet them
hope will meet them again
oh,,it's already exam week??
i already study,,but,,,i'm afraid,,,
help me!
help me!!
please wish me luck 4 the exam

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

He is my Bff not BoyFriend..heeeeeee

this is Ruhi
he is my best friend LOL
i know
my family likes him
and even like our friendship
and my siblings already label him as their in-laws
even my dad also like him
i'm having a fun day today
thanks to him
he drove his car with me,ronal and lynda just for a walk around the Shah Alam
i know our family bless our relationship
however,,,he just my friend
if he was meant for me
i'll accept what Allah has meant for me
but today was the best day
after so long time never met him

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Eidulfitri! ^_____^

Hollaaaaaa bloggers
Happy Eidulfitri to all the Muslim's
and wish u all having a wonderful eid today
same as mine
although this year are my siblings and i bacheloretes Eid because my older sister celebrate her Raya with her in-laws at Indonesia and my dad's with his wife at N.Sembilan
so just left us at our home
i got plenty of 'Duit Raya'~~~hahahahha
this year gonna be my last year getting my 'Duit Raya' envelope because after this i'll be working and it's my turn givin' away 'Duit Raya' to the youth
well...another things 'happen' today
remember i told ya' that someone interest with my sister and really want to meet her during this Eid?
well...yes he came
i thoughthis age would be as same age or 3 to 4years older from my sister
but then.. *GULP!
he is like 10 to 20 years older than my sister
i don't understand what kind of style and taste of my old unties
at our youth age
we don't need arrange marriage like your 'Flintstones' days
the guy looks almost like same age with my dad
if they tried to arrange my marriage just the way they done to my sister
i'm totally gonna pist off and kill them =.='

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chigumyeon.. aww2

Anyeong...just few days left before Hari Raya..
Raya shoes...check!
Raya cloths...check!
not yet!
so...what to do...
just stay slow and steady...haiyarkkk
i'm sure that we're gonna went through it so well
in the other hand
my sister r planning to buy a house at,,,Rawang?!
Oh My Vincci
i have my career at KL
i don't have driving license so it gonna be hard for me to go back all over again from KL to Rawang
i need to get on the driving school as soon as possible

did i mention 2 ya that i got a job offer at Terengganu and Johor Bharu
my dad let me do the job
i can gain more experience after this and filled it up in my resume

Raya Raya Raya...and i got a new job!!yeahhhh!!!

Happy bday Ms.Mong
hehehehhehehe tired~~
just got back from shopping for Raya
it's worth it
sales everywhere
and my hands itchy witchy and felt like i want to buy all of it
need to hold on a bit
after raya i can shoppe as much as i want
i got new news
i got a new offer job
to do replacement for my friend sarah for Dentyne event roadshow
i had a chance to go to Kuala Terengganu and Johor Bharu for the roadshow
i'm so excited
thank to Meor for offering the job
i can gain more experience
moreover,,,this jobs requires me to travel east cost Malaysia
i'll do my best!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14th August 2012

i told u i'm gonna tell ya what's the special about 14th August for me
it is the date i met someone
someone that i fallin in love to...ahakss
i said 'i'll try to forget him' right??
i did't say i'm gonna fully forget him
who is the guy??
i choose this date because
oh this date we're being together
and om this date i'm still never forget him actually...
my heart really stubborn
i can't tell ya' too detail about him
these date is the anniversary of the 2sd year i still keepin' on my feelings towards...hurmmmmm
that for the 2sd anniversary i still met someone
but last year on these date also i met someone and break up with someone
but these year...these date means i'm still single
hey hey hey!!!i don't feel lonely ok without guys around me!
just these date has many history and story for me,,,sshhhhh

Monday, August 13, 2012

mengimbau masa silam...

Puisi si gadis

Tatkala malam bertukar siang

waktu berjalan pantas
setiap saat menyeksa hati dan perasaan seorang perawan
yg sendirian menghitung hari
menghitung waktu
menghitung saat
menghitung detik

bagaimana dia lalui coretan hidupnya yang bagaikan sinetron yang tidak akan pernah ada penamatnya
penuh dengan liku-liku dan jalan cerita yang menyakitkan
kadang kala sahaja menggembirakan
kadang dia cuba tersenyum
cuba tertawa
cuba untuk kelihatan bahagia

perasaan terluka & kesakitan hatinya
tidak siapa yang tahu
hanya bisa terdiam sendirian tanpa ada yang sadar bahwa dia sedang menahan kesakitan
hanya dengan melihat insan lain tersenyum & tertawa bahagia
itu sahaja yang bisa membuatkn si perawan terus tersenyum
namun dia hanya akan terus berdiam tentang kesakitannya
tidak perlu ada yang harus tahu
tidak perlu ada yang harus ambil tahu

kerna dia sadar bahwa
tidak perlu ada belas kasihan dari orang lain
kerna dia tahu
itu akan membuat dirinya terlihat lemah di mata orang lain
tidak perlu dikasihani
tidak perlu diambil peduli
lupakan saja tentang dirinya
siapa dia untung diagungkan selalu?
siapa dia yang hanya insan kecil yang baru belajar erti hidup...
si gadis perawan kecil tidak pernah belajar erti mengalah

dia terpaksa belajar mengalah pabila tiba saat waktunya dia harus mengalah
meskipun kekalahan itu menyakitkan
dalam diam dia sedang terluka
terluka dengan setiap perilaku setiap insan yang berada disisinya
namun kerna sayang...
sayang itu yang membuat dia terus bertahan
terus bangkit
dan terus dengan kebahagiaan palsu & senyuman palsu

meskipun hari...
sudahpun berlalu
setiap memori akan menjadi kenangan yang terindah


what my activity for today??
people r busy doing preperation for Raya
but it seem like nothing for me
my family still busy...we might doing everything when it almost Raya i guess~~
oy yeahhh
tomorrow i'll be gone to Star hill with my friends
for what else??
of course to search Baju Raya
i'm totally clueless right know
i almost finish my novel writting
i'll show it to u all later on
ok ^_^
actually i have somethin' some story 4 ya'
but i'll tell ya tomorrow
because tomorrow is 14th August 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

Dear Mr.Lover
Now its like a habit for me listening to Justin Bieber's song- Boyfriend
every time i listen to this
i will always remember on how u sing this song in your car
so funny...hehehehehe ^_^

Lovey Dovey...

fuhhhh...the Tunku Abdul Rahman roads was packs with people that busy to buy cloths and some preparation for Hari Raya....
i almost collapse because i can't stand going to places that packs with peoples
my sisters already found their cloths for Raya
just left me and my older sister instead
maybe it's ok if i did't bought any cloths or doing any preperation for Raya...because~~
this year...
i don't know
it's gonna be hard days me me though
well...i'm gonna keep strong and celebrate Hari Raya like other people i'm happy
why i'm happy??
cuz i'm happy...hehehehehehehe
what is he up to??
i don't understand...but he said he is gonna makes me smile happily,,,one day~~~
i don't know what his up to... it true??
is he really mean it???
but see him happy already makes me smile everyday
i don't know...
as for me...
i'm waiting for this 14th August 2012
i'll tell u later...because it is the most special date for me
i promise i'll tell ya' later
about Mr.Lover...
honestly... i keep missing u everyday and i don't know why
then...Along 2 years of our break up although i've dated another guy after u left me
i will always kept thinking about u
because u r my first lover
i did't like u because ur background or anything
because along this 2 years...
hard for me to forget u
the more u appear in my life...the more i love u
i've date another guy because i'm trying to forget u and get riddance u from my mind
i've never changes my feelings towards u although i've met Mr.F and Mr.H
if ur not meant for's ok
that's is our destiny...
i tried to avoid my self from ya'
but i can't
the more i avoid my self from u...the more pains i've been through in my heart
its fine for me although we were only a friend...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Raya...raya... sister's flight will be on this saturday...
well...everything must go on
still need to celebrate the Hari Raya wihout some of the family members
now...need to shop for this Raya,,,
what to buy first??
as for me...
i more focus on cloths and shoes that i wanna wear 2 go to college
that is the most important thing
i wanna change a bit of my image
from someone naughty,hyper,colourful
to someone that...
girly and style
let see the new me in the new semester...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Just Be My Girlfriend"

Have u all seen the JayPark MV's??
here the link=>

why i like it so much?
because the story line in the Mv was so sweet on how the guy (Jay Park) purpose the girl to be his girlfriend
so sweet
i want a guy to purpose me like this 2~~~
so sweet~~~
once he puts the headphone to the girls head
there a song suddenly came out
"Just be my girlfriend,,,my girl"
so sweet~~~ ^_^ aww~~


people are wondering and keep asking me
who is my Mr.Lover+Mr.Stalker+Mr.X+Mr.Bad Oppa+Mr.Anonymous and so on
i just keep it secret~~~~
i have no one lorhhhhhh!!!
no time 4 Mr.Lovey Dovey anymore
just now...
i just watch and wait and see the guys that keep holding on his EGO keeping his feelings
like i don't know about u
let see how it goes
as for me...
i am afraid
afraid to fallen in love again
because traitors are everywhere
hurt-er are everywhere
player are everywhere
nee to be extra cautious these days
i don't want to be hurt like before
and honestly...
now i keep thinking of someone
and i don't know why...and why...and why...
let it be secret
it almost reach the end of my final semester
maybe before i'm leaving
i'm gonna tell him the truth
it's already been so long i'm keeping this 'xxxxx' thingy~~
although i'm with someone else
he is the only one i kept thought inside my mind memory card
don't know~~~
just wait,,,i'll tell him when the right time has come
this final semester...
if i see him again...
i don't know
i think he leave early than me..=(

Yeahhh!!!they coloured my day with SMILE =')

they are the most craziest and precious treasure i ever had
my bestfriends
we had so much crazy time together
yesterday are the last fasting days we're been together
ain...sha2...and the beloved mummy~~~ mimi
we also have our 'daddy'=mimi's husband, abg Nadz
they treats us so well, just like their own childrens
and mimi also treats us like her own daughter
maybe it as her practical as wanna be mom
she's pregnant!!!
my friend gonna has her own daughter
and i don't want her childrens to call me aunty~~~i'm still young yawl~~~
i'm happy for my friend
hope that we're gonna be friend forever...
and also my evil2 'siblings', sha2 and ain
they will never stop bother me
but that's filled up our days with laughter and crazyness

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lonely August~~~

why am i feel lonely??
past 2 years i keep changing my 'boyfriend'
maybe this year its time for me to learn a lesson
it's okay
but...what keep bother me so much
these days~~~
i think
i think i've already fallen in~~~hurmmmmmmm
i don't what to say anything
let he confess by himself if he likes me
i don't want to be disappoint by Mr.Lover again
i think i already has 2 to 3 candidates
let one of them admit by themselves if they likes me
and i just gonna act dumb~~dumb~~
i think God knows better
and He kept someone that perfect for me
i just keep waiting and my heart is not belong to someone
but i kept the spot for someone....
let it be a mystery~~
i think u all knows right??
don't know
i already try to dump this kind of feelings
but i can't
my hearts keep sayin' he is for me
but as i look forward
i don't think he is for me...=')

Struggling finishing my Novel~~

remember i told u guys that i've wrote a novel??
i already finish until chapter 15
gonna continue until chapter 23 or 24
then i'm gonna try publish it to any publisher company
can't wait for the finishing touch of the novel
just need to wait untill it perfectly finish
at the mean time
i also already start wrote my second novel
my second novel
still writing in chapter 2
i think this gonna be he best text ever
i hope so...

Sad Hari Raya...='(

this year...gonna be a sucks year ever
not all of my family members are gonna gather around for Raya...
everyone have their own destiny and purpose
it's not gonna be as same as the other past few years Raya celebration!
i don't want to celebrate family was not in the country...
it's gonna be a lonely sad Raya for me
i still can't hide my tears...
i don't feel like i want to celebrate raya...
sobbb sobb...='(

Hello August...

Hello August
sorry greet u a bit late yawwwlll
i don't have any network connection at home
and i even did't pay my broadband bills yet
that's why
i did't wrote bloggies for past this few weeks
settle down
Hello august
hope there's wonderful memoirs i could kept in august
got problems with my payments
remember that i worked for Astro on the go few weeks before??
they did't pay the flasmobbers yet!
i don't know what's rthe problem
and it almost Raya but we still did't get the payments yet
they should pay as soon as possible because we already done  our job
it's their responsibilities to pay us ASAP!!
i need new Vincci shoes this upcoming Raya celebration...>=(