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Sunday, July 29, 2012

razy little thing called LOVE

i have watched this movie for so many times..
because it has so much similarities on what has happen to me during high school
i also had crush with someone during high school
and i'm araid to tell him that i liked him so much
his name was Ahmad Imran
i had crush on him during high school since i was at Form 2
we are in the same age
during Form 4
he exchange to vocational school
and he also already met someone else there
what can i do...
he is not meant to be with me
i still kept his nametag
pictures..notes i written about him
it was so funny...
i don't know how he felt about me
but...he already done so many sweet thing for me back those years,,,
he help zipped my bag,
collect my books,
walked home with me..
i'll show u the pictures of the notes and his pictures later
who he is...
he is tall, cute and white skin
i just a nerdy librarian girl...
hurmmm...that's why i'm afraid to confess to him that i liked him
i heard that he study at UITM now..
but i don't know where...
i nearly forgot about him...