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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Know what?

now...i'm livin' in beautiful colourful canvas
understand what i mean?
i'm targeting to be a single lady 4 this year
every year on fasting month
i will have a new boyfriend
but not this year
what is enough is enough
i've already went through a lot of hard times with boys
what is enough is enough
i know i still contact with some of them
ok i admit
i still love them as someone that i loved before
but now
they we're not more than a friend for me...
enough with the hard moments
no more cry for a man babes
i want to enjoy my life with my friends
i know i disappoint some of the guys that already hoping for me to 'renew' my relationship
but not again
i've learn my lesson
yes sometimes i felt
that's not bother me
because i had become the busiest student in college
after the success of the 'Phantom Night'
now...the college had put high confident to my team to be incharge on any college event
we might get an offer to incharge the college graduation dinner
that's scary
astala vista honey
and for dear bloggy
Happy Birthday....^_^