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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Novelist....+ Mr.Stalker

sobbb...sobbb... ='(
kinda said isn't when your payments we're delay from the date that ur suppose having it kinda depressed me
because...i want to shop for ray~~tettttt
well...let HonKitt settle it
i don't want to push him either
but...what can i do??
i have right to ask...well
just leave it for a while writting my 2sd Novel
after i finish write both of my novel...hurmmm
well of course i'm gonna submit it to any books publisher to publish it
well...i don't have any guts for that
but ...please pray what is best for me...

and another one..
i'm kinda impress with this guy...he seems that he really likes me
we met during...hurmmmm
i can't tell ya when
he might detect that who is 'he'
but i'm impress on how his effort trying to get my heart...hehehehehehehe

Fasting Month

it's already in the fasting month where all the Muslim's will start fasting
it's the month that i've been waiting for...heehehhehehehhe
because...there's no limit for the hostel
what shoul i do??
juat sitting at home right??
and do nothing...tettttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
well...the most important thing is
its the most wonderful month for all the Muslim's
Selamat menjalankan Ibadah Puasa...hehehehehe

try to FORGET you but i keep MISSING you

there there...
love emotions kept haunting me...
i don't know's always
sometimes i confuse with my own feelings
sometimes i hate
sometimes i like
i don't know
better forget u
good riddance!!
but i will still loved ya'
and i don't
not u Mr.H
not u Mr.F
but i will always think about Mr.K
he already left from my heart since 2years ago
and...i don't know why
he is the one will always playin' in my mind
as for me
it's better only to be his friends
enough with the hopeless hope
if he meant for me
it will meant to be...
maybe he doesn't hurts me like Mr.H and Mr.F hurts me

razy little thing called LOVE

i have watched this movie for so many times..
because it has so much similarities on what has happen to me during high school
i also had crush with someone during high school
and i'm araid to tell him that i liked him so much
his name was Ahmad Imran
i had crush on him during high school since i was at Form 2
we are in the same age
during Form 4
he exchange to vocational school
and he also already met someone else there
what can i do...
he is not meant to be with me
i still kept his nametag
pictures..notes i written about him
it was so funny...
i don't know how he felt about me
but...he already done so many sweet thing for me back those years,,,
he help zipped my bag,
collect my books,
walked home with me..
i'll show u the pictures of the notes and his pictures later
who he is...
he is tall, cute and white skin
i just a nerdy librarian girl...
hurmmm...that's why i'm afraid to confess to him that i liked him
i heard that he study at UITM now..
but i don't know where...
i nearly forgot about him...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Know what?

now...i'm livin' in beautiful colourful canvas
understand what i mean?
i'm targeting to be a single lady 4 this year
every year on fasting month
i will have a new boyfriend
but not this year
what is enough is enough
i've already went through a lot of hard times with boys
what is enough is enough
i know i still contact with some of them
ok i admit
i still love them as someone that i loved before
but now
they we're not more than a friend for me...
enough with the hard moments
no more cry for a man babes
i want to enjoy my life with my friends
i know i disappoint some of the guys that already hoping for me to 'renew' my relationship
but not again
i've learn my lesson
yes sometimes i felt
that's not bother me
because i had become the busiest student in college
after the success of the 'Phantom Night'
now...the college had put high confident to my team to be incharge on any college event
we might get an offer to incharge the college graduation dinner
that's scary
astala vista honey
and for dear bloggy
Happy Birthday....^_^

Family is everything...

i did't get back home since a month ago because busy with my works
now...i'm home!!!
i have no idea my family actually had a hard moments
big war between my lil sis and big sis
my dad with his big boss
what am i doin' leaving them so long without knowing what they have been through??
i rather skip my class and spending more time with them
cuz i know they need me more
and that what i'm trying my best to be with them all the time

i got a lot more stories to tell ya
but i'm not in da mood now
plenty things playin' in my mind...
hard time at the first week of fasting month

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hard to bloggy nowdays~~~~

it hard to blogging nowdays
busy busy all the time
with my work
and daily activities
sorry have to leave ya for a while dear bloggies
even my internet connection already being cut
just wait for my payments
my work last few days had make me earn plenty of 'chaching'~~$$$
because ma' boss was really2 nice
we work hard and earn more...

wait for other job
now i'm a freelance
just doing maybe...event part time job, acting,dancing
just grab the chance that in front of my eyes
i can filled my resume with a lots...and lots of job experience
kinda busy now...
c ya later dear bloggies
this blog gonna reach it's 2 years anniversary
luv ya bloggie!!!hehehhehhe

2 Best Event: 'Astro On-The-Go' Human Ipad Theater Surprise Flash Mob & 'Phantom Night'

end of the every busy day i had
but i had so much fun and enjoy every single moments of it
the most memorable things in my life
both event really lighten my days
at the seame time i also enjoy my work with Astro
first ever human ipad theater surprise flash mob
and also known as #IpadMob
u all can catch up the Flash Mob Video on youtube
it even broadcast live at Astro Awani during 15th July 2012
still can't forget the last fun moments doing the flash mob
and get to know new friends
can't wait for the upcoming job!

Monday, July 9, 2012


it's raining outside....
it's good to stay at home and lay on the bed isn't?
i have something need to be done to day
my bones cramp already
i keep busy all the time
and at the same time
i always skip my eating time because keep busy with work
it's ok...
with that i can easily loose my weight right??
cuz that's what i want...
need to loose 2kg ASAP
i don't want to look fat infront of the camera's
2 more days 2 go 4 Astro on-the-go promotions

'Phantom Night' & Astro on-the-go

i am having so much fun being participated in events
few days before i'm busy with the Faculty of Business Management prom night 'Phantom Night'
the prom going so far so good
just some tiny miny problems that Alhamdullilah we manage to handle it
i hope everyone enjoy it and like it
i need to focus on my job as Astro on-the-go crew
i really enjoy my work and life nowdays
getting busy with with so many things
Alhamdullilah,,,this year is better than my back years before
tense with so many things
i more prefer to be like this
and i have my beloved BFF around me that will always support me and be by my side
anyway the 'Phantom Night' was A.W.E.S.O.M.E