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Friday, June 22, 2012

Working as an event crew ^_^

Alhamdullilah i got to be a part of an event crew again
now working on under Astro for
'Astro on-the-go'
i just got back from the briefing and training session
a bit tired but fun because i get a chance to be a part of big occasion
there will be a suprise for our nation & Astro will be introducing 'something' new & make our country be so proud of them
just wait n see what we gonna do 'Malaysia'
i really love my job
got another job working as an event crew
it was so fun & plenty of $$$
at the same time i'm proud of my self that could be a part of Malaysia's big occasion
i think you all needs to try that 2
seek a chance to be a part of any event crew
working as an event crew was awesome!!
and plenty of experience we could gain from there
u need to have strong stamina
because working as event crew could loss plenty of energy
u need to be extra extra extra hyperactive
be friendly.nice and commited
punctuality is important
the most important is...u need to be brave to seek a chance
because working as an event crew could help cha gain plenty of $$$ & experience