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Friday, June 22, 2012

When talk about LOVE

Yesterday on the afternoon
i'm asking some advice from my unnie...
what does she know about tuttttttt & tuttttttttttt
she told me everything & after i heard what she said
my heart became 50-50 about my own feeling about this 'person'
i'ts hard to fix the damage pumpkin....
it's like my heart
yes i have 50% of my heart for him
but i have 50% more doubt
unnie said
guy have the high level of ego
how can i know that??
if he honest
he should say something
i can't only wait 4 ya'
i got plenty more other guy i could choose
but my heart keep sayin'
he is for me
he is for me
he is for me
but in the other side of my heart
there are a fearness saying that
someday,sometime he could break my heart
i don't know
but what i'm gonna say right now
i love him
but the chances are too short
i just wanna livin' as a single ladies first
if he keepin' his promise
and if he meant for me
i will go back to him
last time he said
he will be taking a good care of me after 10years he will meet me again & take me as a part of his life
i think my age will be 28 on that moment
i don't know...but the destiny will organize everything
but my heart will always for him
because he is the first & the last
he never hurts me before this
even we're still friend
and i've never being hurt by him
he treats me right
and i treat him right
if Allah S.W.T says he is for me...Alhamdullilah
if he is not...i hope he will find someone who is more suit for him..^_^