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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Super Junior Oppa's...^__^

i'm sure that u all know about Super Junior right???
but it is a shamed to me that i don't even know anything about them and i just know about their songs but not their background
i could't even remember or recognized their faces
just then i watch invincible youth 2 today's episode Sungmin from Suju as the guest for today
i liked them
bt i don't really know about the group members
they r quite cute too
especially Kyunhyun & Sungmin
i'm gonna start like u all from today...but my Janghyun oppa from Sunny Hill still no.1 in my heart
u know that to be a Korean idol
they need to be good behavior
what i adore about K-pop idols
they don't care about their popularity
what most important for them r their fans & their good behavior
that's what makes me adore them so much
another thing
they r not pokerface & always be nice to their fans
i've talked to one of them
and i know that for them fans r the most important because without fans they would't be at the top level that they have earn now
ghumawo oppa & unnie & donseang & maknae
u all have done a great job being a good icon
if u watch korean variety they r infront of the camera's that is how they r at the behind camera's
this is serious
i am saying this is not because i am a big fan of k-pop
but this is real
before they became an entertainer
they have to be trainee for few years under a recording label before they debut
after they r being evaluating based on their talents & behavior..then they can debut as a star