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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Less Blog More Busy

sorry dear bloggie...
i did't write so much these days
because it's getting busy & stress all day long
and sometime i forget about cha'
i just got call from CIMB
because i apply for a job from CIM last weekend
they offer me a job
but then
they ask me to hold on first
i need to finish my studies first
how sad~~~
now i am busy applying for job
because i almost finished my studies
in the other hands
i am trying to achieve my targets
i want to achieve my dreams to migrate to South Korea
i really mean it
and this is not just an empty conversation
i want to be like my dad
migrate to other countries
gaining experience
let people laugh
at least we have target in our life
i am going there not because Janghyun oppa
but i am dreaming to go there because that is my aim and goal
we can't just stay in one place
if i could't go to korea maybe i want to go to Australia
i want to go to new place to build a new life and healing every hurts memory that i have here