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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Sunday, June 24, 2012

i love my job ^_^
my back hurts
yesterday was the best day
this is my 2sd time working with big events
thank 2 my best friend Meor Shah 4 givin me opportunity 2 work with his boss
i like working at the event,,,it was so fun & exciting
what am i suppose 2 to on that event?
being the i-pad holders & show the 1st ever human billboard & the longest advertisement ever...
it was't so easy to hold the 2 i-pad in one time to make sure the billboard gonna looks perfect
i'll show how it's looks like later 2 ya'
today...the location are from Pavillion=>farrenheit 88=>BB=>sungai wang
then it's over....fuhhhhhh
it was hard but extremely fun
meet so many people
i know it's a crazy work
but it's worth it because they pay us...^_^