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Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Love & True Love??difference???

my first big faculty event tickets are sold out
i'm happy
now...gonna be busy all the time
the event will be held next week
fuhhh what the headline for tonight??
first love??true love??
what is the difference...i don't know
i experience my first love
and i still can forget the person that already filled my first love
true love???
is he???
i don't think so..because he did't felt the same
we already break up and go on with our ways
i don't think he is my true love...he just filled my first love
that's a big different
i pray to Allah...if he was destine for me
that's mean he meant for me..i hope Allah SWT will always guide me & help me vanish all my feelings towards him

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monster II

It's been a while since we've met
Your face looks good
You got prettier, you were always beautiful in my eyes

But today you look a bit different
You look especially a bit cold
Your eyes that look at me are filled with pity
In front of you, I seem smaller

I tried to be fine, trying to change the subject
Though I had so much I wanted to ask you
You cut me off right away
Your long hair flowing
As it hit my cheek and passed away
You turn away and left right away
If I try to catch you here, would that be too ridiculous?

Nothing comes to my mind
As you tremble, you take a step, two steps back
You say that I scare you now
You're like a moon that makes me go crazy

I love you baby I'm not a monster
You know how I was in the past
When time passes, it'll all disappear
Then you will know baby
I need you baby I'm not a monster
You know me so don't leave like this
If even you throw me away, I will die
I'm not a monster

No matter what happens, let's be forever
When we're sad, when we're happy, let's go till the end
You don't say that tomorrow
Let's love like today is the last

A life without you is like an imprisonment for life
An extinction from the world to the point where I'd go crazy
Your existence is a chronic disease, a repetition of pain
You're a lingering attachment in my heart

The people of the world have turned their backs against me
The corners of their eyes are all twisted up
The greatest pain to me,
Is the fact that you became the same as them

I love you baby I'm not a monster
You know how I was in the past
When time passes, it'll all disappear
Then you will know baby
I need you baby I'm not a monster
You know me so don't leave like this
If even you throw me away, I will die
I'm not a monster

Don't go, don't go, don't go, don't leave me
Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, it's not like you
Getting farther away, love is breaking apart

Don't find me, don't find me, don't find me, don't look for me
The last, last, last image of me in front of you – remember that
Don't forget me

I love you baby I'm not a monster
You know how I was in the past
When time passes, it'll all disappear
Then you will know baby
I need you baby I'm not a monster
You know me so don't leave like this
If even you throw me away, I will die
I'm not a monster

I think I'm sick I think I'm sick
I think I'm sick I think I'm sick


wae gabjagi bakkwieossseubnikka?
i jeon-e geuga balo naege chwigeub
geuneun na-ege jeonyeog sigsaleul daejeob
cha jja neun kka bha neun de
masille mogo neuu kka neunde
wae neun nerul le domu nappuno?

i don't understand
salam byeongyeong,,, 
that's right...just drive straight
i should look back...listen 2 what people around me have said & tell me
now...why not trying to left it behind...i need to abandon it for few weeks
looks how it goes,,,heeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, June 24, 2012

cramp ouch!

just chat with Janghyun Oppa...
he said he will be discharged from the military on 30th October 2013
he was so nice & friendly
like!like!like back hurt so much laptop & my broadband just fell from the bed
thank god it's still can be used...but the broadband looked aweful because it already bend...ngeeeeeeeeee

i love my job ^_^
my back hurts
yesterday was the best day
this is my 2sd time working with big events
thank 2 my best friend Meor Shah 4 givin me opportunity 2 work with his boss
i like working at the event,,,it was so fun & exciting
what am i suppose 2 to on that event?
being the i-pad holders & show the 1st ever human billboard & the longest advertisement ever...
it was't so easy to hold the 2 i-pad in one time to make sure the billboard gonna looks perfect
i'll show how it's looks like later 2 ya'
today...the location are from Pavillion=>farrenheit 88=>BB=>sungai wang
then it's over....fuhhhhhh
it was hard but extremely fun
meet so many people
i know it's a crazy work
but it's worth it because they pay us...^_^

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dear Baby Blogs...hehehehehehhe

this is my baby,,,
all written hear
my history and blah blah blah
but late this days
i'm did't write much
this is where i write what i want & desire
the words that unspoken by me
the story that i can't share, i can't spoke & just written it here
i started my blogs since 21st July 2010 & write it in malay
then i changed to english cuz some of my blog readers r from foreign country
thank you 4 supporting & read my entries ^_^ almost reach it's 2sd anniversary
sometime it's hard 4 me to share anything
i prefer 2 be alone & some people not really know who i am
as for me
i like to be busy with my own stuff
spending time with my networking & working
i can't stay still
there will always something i wanna do
well...hope u like it
if u don't like it what i have wrote,,,don't READ it!
wish me luck 4 my new work today,,,,anyeong =)

5,000 crowd~~~wooooooo

tonight gonna be a big show
need to get ready to faced for 5,000 crowd tonight
what i been doing tonight??
i get a chance to be a part of Astro on-the-go event as one of their event crew a lot of $$$
but what will happen tonight?
it is a special night that may be written on the world history
it is Malaysia's big project and at the same time
each crew holdin' on big responsibilities
please pray for us!
May Allah always guide us
and hope tonight everything will go smoothly as the plan... FIGHTING!!!


again..meeting with Mr.X
i already told u before
we r like 2 little childrens
like to teasing each other
funny arguing & teasing in twitter just for fun
he ask me for cornetto
befor i'm sending his cornetto
i sew a plushie for him
smiley plushie like in the above pixcha hehhehehe (forgot to take the plushie pix)
to show how mad i am being defeat by him...grrrrrrrr
it's ok
i can defeat him in the other time
just wait for it
we were getting better after 2years 'separated'
we're just a normal friend now
i'm not gonna be his enemy
because the reason we 'separate' is because of me
i'm the one accusing him that he.........
what is past is past
we trying to renew our book page
i like we're being this way
crazy friend
but i admit
my heart pit-a-pat when i saw him
what does its mean??
no no no no
i want us to be like this...friend...
nice 2 know u Mr.XP
thats ur new name now Mr.K

Friday, June 22, 2012

When talk about LOVE

Yesterday on the afternoon
i'm asking some advice from my unnie...
what does she know about tuttttttt & tuttttttttttt
she told me everything & after i heard what she said
my heart became 50-50 about my own feeling about this 'person'
i'ts hard to fix the damage pumpkin....
it's like my heart
yes i have 50% of my heart for him
but i have 50% more doubt
unnie said
guy have the high level of ego
how can i know that??
if he honest
he should say something
i can't only wait 4 ya'
i got plenty more other guy i could choose
but my heart keep sayin'
he is for me
he is for me
he is for me
but in the other side of my heart
there are a fearness saying that
someday,sometime he could break my heart
i don't know
but what i'm gonna say right now
i love him
but the chances are too short
i just wanna livin' as a single ladies first
if he keepin' his promise
and if he meant for me
i will go back to him
last time he said
he will be taking a good care of me after 10years he will meet me again & take me as a part of his life
i think my age will be 28 on that moment
i don't know...but the destiny will organize everything
but my heart will always for him
because he is the first & the last
he never hurts me before this
even we're still friend
and i've never being hurt by him
he treats me right
and i treat him right
if Allah S.W.T says he is for me...Alhamdullilah
if he is not...i hope he will find someone who is more suit for him..^_^

Working as an event crew ^_^

Alhamdullilah i got to be a part of an event crew again
now working on under Astro for
'Astro on-the-go'
i just got back from the briefing and training session
a bit tired but fun because i get a chance to be a part of big occasion
there will be a suprise for our nation & Astro will be introducing 'something' new & make our country be so proud of them
just wait n see what we gonna do 'Malaysia'
i really love my job
got another job working as an event crew
it was so fun & plenty of $$$
at the same time i'm proud of my self that could be a part of Malaysia's big occasion
i think you all needs to try that 2
seek a chance to be a part of any event crew
working as an event crew was awesome!!
and plenty of experience we could gain from there
u need to have strong stamina
because working as event crew could loss plenty of energy
u need to be extra extra extra hyperactive
be friendly.nice and commited
punctuality is important
the most important is...u need to be brave to seek a chance
because working as an event crew could help cha gain plenty of $$$ & experience

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dine with the Ex,,,tetttttt

i hade a dinner with my X X X
u know my first college boyfriend...
of coz u know who right...
still remember Mr.K?
I'm listenin' to IU song right now=> Every End of Day
because that what i've had today
i am happy
but my friend don't like it
i have no idea
as for me...
i can be friend with anyone...
it's a lie if i said that i don't 'love' him anymore...
but the 'love' have changes now
i just seen him as...the past
no more relationship for me
just i'm gonna focus with my work and so much things
well...i had a nice day today
it's fun...and i keep smile all the time...because shy2
good nite!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the bumpy trail...

i have no idea...
it's being a hard day for me
plenty things needs to be done
plenty matters & problems needs to be settle up
some time i just wanna stop there and do nothing
i've should't be involved at the first place and just the event blew off by it self

but it almost to the finish line
i hope it would be worth it after all the hardwork
i am tired
the others plan it
and we have to face the problems..=.='

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pyeong pyeong!

so tired...just arrived at my hostel
i was rushing to get back here because i thought there we're something important at college
my friend did't come to the college
so how??
i'm not gonna be there alone by my self
poor my dad
i've been burden my dad all along
i promise to my self that
i'm gonna study hard and gonna repay to all what he been scarified and done to me
it's Fathers Day
i think i already hurt him so much

the annual dinner & prom is getting near to the end date
plenty things need to be done
so sad,,,
i did't even buy my dress yet
it's ok
it's being a critical money moments nowdays
i am jobless now
need to find job
and 8i even almost finish my studies
hope that Allah will always be with me...amin...

i need to grab some snack now before i'm getting sick again

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Like This ^_^

2what i wanna say and updates???
it is about....
my madnessswhat madness
lately i've being worried so many problemo...can't the problem stop hunting me??
kinda many things i need to think
so many things i have to do
i think on the upcoming activities i need to be less active

What love????

no idea...
 did i'm sayin' like this because i've being cheated before
yes i do
forget about love honey
when it is meant for ya'
it will come for ya'
my love now is my dream
i really want to achieve my dream
that's why i'm tryin so hard now
what i've been chasing so hard?
i want to travel around the world
that is my dream
that's what i want to achieve
what i want...hurmmmmmm

Super Junior Oppa's...^__^

i'm sure that u all know about Super Junior right???
but it is a shamed to me that i don't even know anything about them and i just know about their songs but not their background
i could't even remember or recognized their faces
just then i watch invincible youth 2 today's episode Sungmin from Suju as the guest for today
i liked them
bt i don't really know about the group members
they r quite cute too
especially Kyunhyun & Sungmin
i'm gonna start like u all from today...but my Janghyun oppa from Sunny Hill still no.1 in my heart
u know that to be a Korean idol
they need to be good behavior
what i adore about K-pop idols
they don't care about their popularity
what most important for them r their fans & their good behavior
that's what makes me adore them so much
another thing
they r not pokerface & always be nice to their fans
i've talked to one of them
and i know that for them fans r the most important because without fans they would't be at the top level that they have earn now
ghumawo oppa & unnie & donseang & maknae
u all have done a great job being a good icon
if u watch korean variety they r infront of the camera's that is how they r at the behind camera's
this is serious
i am saying this is not because i am a big fan of k-pop
but this is real
before they became an entertainer
they have to be trainee for few years under a recording label before they debut
after they r being evaluating based on their talents & behavior..then they can debut as a star

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Single & happy

i am single and i am happy
because i don't have to be hurt because of love
i think what is enough is enough for me
i don't need to be hurt because of love
the past memories has tought me a lot
now noe now
i just need to care & about me myself and i
i don't need a guy to make me happy
because i have my families and friend
falling in love just gonna hurt me
i already being nice to them
i don't know what is wrong
but my friend said
maybe i still not find my first love
i just found my 'puppy' love
i know my real love is still out there... ^__^

Illuminati Issue


have u guys heard about the illuminati issues now days???
its being a hot issue right??
now...after i making research about this issue that people being arguing and some of them have a slight misunderstand with some individuals & accuse them being on illuminati side without accrual prove
people r accusing K-pop has being the strong side of illuminati
i am saying this is not because i am on the right side or trying to backup any side
aren't u realize that no one known about this issue because some of them thought the illuminati really exist
some of them thought that illuminati is just a myth
just like cinderella stories, snow white and the seven dwarft, unicorn, fairies & mermaid
some has used this sign as art in fashion, graphic & animation
we can't easily assumed & accused that they r on illuminati side
we know that illuminati r against all the religion
if u reads in Wikipedia illuminati=>

                  "is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order. "

the above pictures has been assumed related to illuminati
the one side picture of the eye
the pyramid and one eye
the dance formation.....we can't assumed the individuals that used this illuminati symbol or image as one of the illuminati members
this illuminati symbol already being used for long time ago
even in movie,music videos & pictures but none of them have ever known it's really has demon means for them
because for them it's a unique art
and none of them has ever known the myth was real
we can easily blamming them for using illuminati sign
like SNSD-Gee dance formation
the MV already been 3years ago...and why is now they bringin' up the stories???
same goes with the 2NE1 MV- "hate u" animation
they assumed the anime eyes has been draw similar with the Horus eye
so what u expect our eyes looks like???
isn't every one has the similar shape of eyes???
please think logically...ur eyes not square, triangle, rectangle

click on this link and observe for a moment=>

the above pictures has been assumed as the Rainman (devil) symbol
think logically....
many film maker has used rain scene in their filming arts
in the reality some of of are also like being under the rain right?
so...did we also symbolize as the 'Rainman'??
are we also being on the illuminati side
can't blame the entertainer for filming this kind of MV 2 promotes their music & arts
they just following the orders and doing their jobs
we can't simply saying they r promoting,worshipping the illuminati

Less Blog More Busy

sorry dear bloggie...
i did't write so much these days
because it's getting busy & stress all day long
and sometime i forget about cha'
i just got call from CIMB
because i apply for a job from CIM last weekend
they offer me a job
but then
they ask me to hold on first
i need to finish my studies first
how sad~~~
now i am busy applying for job
because i almost finished my studies
in the other hands
i am trying to achieve my targets
i want to achieve my dreams to migrate to South Korea
i really mean it
and this is not just an empty conversation
i want to be like my dad
migrate to other countries
gaining experience
let people laugh
at least we have target in our life
i am going there not because Janghyun oppa
but i am dreaming to go there because that is my aim and goal
we can't just stay in one place
if i could't go to korea maybe i want to go to Australia
i want to go to new place to build a new life and healing every hurts memory that i have here

Janghyun Oppa!!

yesterday i just post a special parcel for Janghyun oppa
what's in that parcel??
yesterday i also inbox aq message to Janghyun oppa that i already post his gift
he said he can't wait for my gift he is busy with his military service at korea
but he still saved some time for his fans
charatta oppa!!!
his getting cute by day to day...
hope u kept a good health
my parcel gonna arrive soon
hope it gonna safely arrive to your hand oppa ^__^

Mong Ji Anne... ^__^

i have send this fot Song Ji Hyo fan art birthday
is was planned by the Running man Fan club for Song Ji Hyo on her birthday this 15th August
hope she gonna like it
i have a good news!!!
i can read korean characters now!
my dream is i want to go 2 korea
people gonna think it's ridiculous
if we dream and work hard to achieve it
i'm sure u'll dream gonna come true
because now i am trying hard to achieve my dream!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Love Bird,,,

he also have a blog like me?? ex tutttt
i just discovered his blog
and i never knew it before
he made that blog while he was with me....kekekekkeke
i don't want to story about my past
i wanna tell about my now...
withhhhh...JangHyun Oppa!!!
he older than i'm calling him oppa

now he really busy with his military services
i miss 2 hear he sings and someback 2 stage...
he just comment on the dolls & name batch that i sew for him
and he liked it...
Oppa ghidarelleu...i'll send it to u later

his present is ready to be post 2 South Korea
and hope it will safely arrived to his hand....heeeeeeeeeeeeee