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Monday, May 14, 2012

Everyday is a Mothers day,,, ^.^

Every day is a Mothers Day,,,
the most important thing is,,,
don't u ever hurt ur mums feelings
they have carried u for 9months in their tummy
they have take a good care of u since u r in the childhood
they will always be on ur side
for some of u,,,
u felt annoys when ur mom asking something to u
nagging u
controlling u
moms...that is a part of their job to make sure that u will be someone good and not get into bad influence
for some of u
u r lucky ur mom still beside u....
as for the others...
they we're hoping they still can see their mother on the real world as u do
it's time for them to go
something happen for a reason
it's already write on their destiny its time for them to go
please... appreciate ur moms
don't be rude to them
once ur hurt ur mum feelings
God can repays more than what u have done

every day i pray for my mom
everyday i remember my mom
everyday i miss my mom
i will never forget her
her blue sweater will always be my BFF
i try to holdin' my tears
cuz once i tears for her
she also will be tearing seeing me still being sad can't accepted that she already gone
i have to be strong
i have to be tough to went through my life,
my journey
i have to proft to her that
i can be successful
she's my inspiration of life
she's the heart of my life

i always been jealous seeing my other friends hangin' out with their moms
talkin' about their moms
they laugh
they had fun
they had a great time with their mother
and sometime i tried being tough and hold my tears seeing my other friends in their moms hugs
i hope i can hug my mom once more
i hope i can kiss my mom cheeks
i hope she still here
i hope i can see her smile and cook for her like i used to do before
but..only her face will always playing in my mind
and i hope
i can be someone that she will be proud of and meet her,,,

*picture of my mom with my grandmother:-

In Memory 
Masrurah Bt. Mahrus
5th Sept 1963 - 10th March 2006