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i'm a happy 4feet girl.... slumber... cheer... n friendly.... i like 2 sing, act and hosting like to create songs,poems and story. family,friends and writing are my life....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wonderful Life

Yesterday was the best day ever...
i've spended my beautiful day with my beloved BFF
well u know well who they r aren't u?
we so many places till we don't know where were heading for
first we went to Kelana Jaya Pledigram Mall
it was shopping mal with unique architectural design
then we went for lunch,,,, Japanese cuisine again at sakae shushi
love it so much
then we went to try some outfit for our annual faculty dinner
it as the celebration of our last exam paper
i've tried so many outfit in that store
but not one of it is fit and i liked
because most of the outfit are so sexy
and i don't liked it
the owner also force me to tried so many funny outfit
and some outfit me my friend and i could't zipped our outfit...hehehehehehehehehhe
it was so funny

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finally Mr.Chubby chat & tweets,,,weeeeeeeeee ^__^

Finally...after being waiting so long....
janghyun oppa from Sunny Hill (K-pop group vocalist)
he tweets & reply my message
it was so everwhelming....because i like him so much
hw was busy in military now
his will be in military enlistment for 1year 5months
but he gave me his address to send him some letters
he was so friendly...
thank you for making my day
thought that u would't realize me
i will always support u oppa!
kinda a bit shy and awkward chatting with him
afraid that he might can't understand me...but actually
he can fluently understand english
oppa fighting!!!
and take a good care of yourself & keep up a good work & good health
wait for my letter  ya'
anyeong,,,saranghayo ^.^<3

Thursday, May 24, 2012

visual dream

One Two Three Four it's tingly omona
One Two Three Four I want you, already, I
One Two Three Four want my honest feelings to be discovered, I'll let you hear it
Moist, moist moist, oh, on my sweet lips
Come Come Come slowly, that's right, come to me.
Tic Tac Toe oh I've dizzily fallen deeply for you, I've melted

Feeling these emotions for the first time My Deep Love Core
My face grows hot, this moment is stifling, what do I do
I'm trembling
Boy boy boy boy bo bo bo boy boy boy boy
I worry and worry but I don't know what to do
Just thinking about it, I really don't know oh how to do my first kiss
Just wait a minute?
Boy boy boy boy bo bo bo boy boy boy boy
Don't hesitate my love get into my core

One Two Three Four it's tingly omona
One Two Three Four I want you, already, I
One Two Three Four want my honest feelings to be discovered, I'll let you hear it
Moist, moist, moist, oh, on my sweet lips
Come Come Come slowly, that's right, come to me
Tic Tac Toe oh I've dizzily fallen deeply for you, I've melted

The visual in my heart is so perfect
I struggle with four worries: "when", "where", "what", but not "how"
Core Core Core Core Co Co Co Core Core Core Core
By hesitating, you might lose it
Hesitation the end look over here thump thump pop pop you hear it, right? How is the
Core of my love
Core Core Core Core Co Co Co Core Core Core Core
The time is now, start! Jump into love core

One Two Three Four it's tingly omona
One Two Three Four I want you, already, I
One Two Three Four want my honest feelings to be discovered, I'll let you hear it
Take you higher
Oh my love ooh yeah
Visual dreams
Feel the beating of my heart

One Two Three Four it's tingly omona
One Two Three Four I want you, already, I
One Two Three Four want my honest feelings to be discovered, I'll let you hear it
Moist, moist, moist, oh, on my sweet lips
Come Come Come slowly, that's right, come to me
Tic Tac Toe oh I've dizzily fallen deeply for you, I've melted
Ooh yeah visualize my love oh yeah 

Phantom Night

exclusive for my blogger readers
this is the baby project of my business faculty..(actually it is our 2sd event...hehehe) 
this our biggest project where we have to organize a tetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
for students
hope they gonna like it
and wish us the best
if our proposal are approve
we will sell the tickets right away
because the tickets are limited...hehehehehe

this is just not my day....=.='

what a day...
today i have 2 papers exam
E-marketing 0n 8am-10am
Sales Management on 3.30pm-5.30pm
1st i woke up late
2sd i don't have time for make up & iron my cloth
3rd my bus left me
4th i came late 1hour for my exam
5th i don't have my question sheet
6th after 15mins later i could answer my exam after my lecture had found my question sheet
7th i don't have extended time to answer my question

and my bleeding is getting worst by day after i taken my medicine
maybe to clean up my 'V'
understand what i mean??
i have this puberty problem
yesterday i could't study because the 'pain' and i had a fever
then this morning i woke up late
oh my...
but Alhamdullilah i could answer my exam
i can't believe that i just have only 45mins to answer my exam but i manage to answer it in 25mins
that's is the final result ur gonna get if u study hard dear bloggies
the moral value for today is...
just stay cool and don't be panic
just be tough and don't easily quit!
one more exam paper 2 go...^__^

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cheese Toast

for the first time i've made my own cheese toast
it almost similar with the above pix bread is more black & not 2 goldish
i just google up that picture
it was cheesy delight
i've ate it for my break-fast
it is almost Ramadhan right???
so i need to replace the day i did't fasting last year...
6 more days to go peeps
hope that this year i did't have any 'ponteng'day
this year Raya family choose~~~ORANGE

Long time no blogs....=P

sorry i did't update anything past few days ago
i'm busy dear,,,
got some crisis this few days
my group have to organize a big event for my college
what the?
and we have only a month to find sponsor
deal with the hotel
and we also had some budget problem
i'm kinda,,,don't want to get in this stuff
i have no experience in handling big event
i just hand it over to my friend, ain and her sister because she from 'event organizer ' family
it's already in her blood
so i'm just gonna stay quiet and help what i need help if i had to
(actually i did't help so much XP)

Monday, May 14, 2012

MIG,,,wish me luck

last week i got an email from MIG
the most popular movie production in Malaysia
it was a shock
i've sent my profile to them a few months ago
and i didn't expect that they gonna call me for casting this week
i was so happy and speechless
i don't know what to do
they want me to be there at their office for casting tomorrow at 2pm
wish me luck guys
i'll try ,ma' best to do the best
maybe this is the time where i need to shine after the hardwork i've been through to achieve what i've been admire for a long time
thanks to Allah and my family pray...
for my dad
i will try not to let him down

Everyday is a Mothers day,,, ^.^

Every day is a Mothers Day,,,
the most important thing is,,,
don't u ever hurt ur mums feelings
they have carried u for 9months in their tummy
they have take a good care of u since u r in the childhood
they will always be on ur side
for some of u,,,
u felt annoys when ur mom asking something to u
nagging u
controlling u
moms...that is a part of their job to make sure that u will be someone good and not get into bad influence
for some of u
u r lucky ur mom still beside u....
as for the others...
they we're hoping they still can see their mother on the real world as u do
it's time for them to go
something happen for a reason
it's already write on their destiny its time for them to go
please... appreciate ur moms
don't be rude to them
once ur hurt ur mum feelings
God can repays more than what u have done

every day i pray for my mom
everyday i remember my mom
everyday i miss my mom
i will never forget her
her blue sweater will always be my BFF
i try to holdin' my tears
cuz once i tears for her
she also will be tearing seeing me still being sad can't accepted that she already gone
i have to be strong
i have to be tough to went through my life,
my journey
i have to proft to her that
i can be successful
she's my inspiration of life
she's the heart of my life

i always been jealous seeing my other friends hangin' out with their moms
talkin' about their moms
they laugh
they had fun
they had a great time with their mother
and sometime i tried being tough and hold my tears seeing my other friends in their moms hugs
i hope i can hug my mom once more
i hope i can kiss my mom cheeks
i hope she still here
i hope i can see her smile and cook for her like i used to do before
but..only her face will always playing in my mind
and i hope
i can be someone that she will be proud of and meet her,,,

*picture of my mom with my grandmother:-

In Memory 
Masrurah Bt. Mahrus
5th Sept 1963 - 10th March 2006

Sunday, May 13, 2012


i did't get the KLMU Idol...hoot~~
it doesn't mean that i am a failure isn't??
well...i can do plenty other things
it's okay,,,it's alright
i have other chance other things waiting for me

done with that
people keep asking me
do i have a boyfriend
and my answer..NO!
when a heart has been hurt
of coz it's hard for it to be cure...=)

ms Strong,,,

yesterday concert was the best ever!!!
it is fun being a part of event crew and have a chance to see ma' fav artist
Amy Search, Faizal Tahir, Hunny MAdu, Floor Fever & Misz Nina performance last night was the BESTTTT
although theres not so much crowd watching the concert
it's ok
maybe cuz its certain technical problemo
there still some crowd that still stay there and watch the performance
yesterday was the last day ma' work as one of the event crew
upnext ma' next pit stop dude...casting call for MIG
of coz i'm gonna be there
but not really sure yet
my body still tired after been working so hard man,,,wkwkwkwkw

at lastttttt
my work is D.O.N.E
first time ever i've work as an event crew
it was so fun
i've met the best event company ever
fun,humble,cool and relax
ma' works never gone wrong and event the organizer of the event don't event push the crew so much or easily get mad
event the event manager send us back to our home after finishing our work
my bones almost cracks beb...
it was tired but fun
we're not working under political company
but event company that doesn't has any related with political
note that ok,,,
first experience as the event crew and we had a chance meeting the Dato'2, PM and artist(Misz Nina, Amy search, Faizal Tahir, Boboi, Hunny Madu & etc.)
my goodness
it was the most precious experience everrrr

Thursday, May 10, 2012

super duper T.I.R.E.D

Damn tired
few conflicts
few problemoes and work have to be done
that picture above can tell ya' where i'm working nowdays
kinda bit busy
setting up that and this and that
have to accompany and lead VIP
not just VIP
also the entertainer for the event
what event??
guess by yourself
the work was kinda 'fun'
i'll do my best and done what is great...chowwww

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diss~~~!!!Lollipop! (@.@)

i keep bump with this sabah guy
he is kinda cute...
is this a destiny??
i don't know
i he was destine for me
we were already known each other long time ago
where ever i'll go
i will kept bump with him
i don't know why
yes he is cute
i don't know
God will left us a sign if he is meant for me
however...he already has a girlfriend

KLMU Idol next... MIG

i just went 2 the KLMU Idol audition this afternoon
it went well...don't know the results yet
cuz there more than 40 participant joins the audition
the judges will count marks and contact back their contestant that succeeded to enter the final round
enough withy the KLMU Idol
it doesn't matter that i've got the final round or not
what most important is
i enjoy the competition
just want to show tiny miny of my talent
along this 5days i'll be participating in an event and get involve as an event crew
next week MIG has called me to attend a casting
i can't wait for that
my big opportunity 2 show my talents
it's not popularity i've being chasing on
i want people to see and i want 2 show my talent
not just gonna kept my talents like a pickle in a jar
wish me luck ^.^

Monday, May 7, 2012

So Hot... =.='

nomu deul-lo...
niga wae-yo???
naneun byeong-won e gass-eoyo
naega gajang silh-eohaneun jangso
geugeos-eun naega uisa ttoneun byeong-won-eul silh-eo eobs-seubnida
hajiman nan geuleohge silh-eo
geu jalie naega nugunga-ege gieoghage
namal nomu appa-yo

i hate it
hate it so much
why does it keep flashing like that

can't i live normal life rather than geuloghe the same si-peu??
wae neun??
naega geuleul ijgo sip-eo
geuga na-ege soghae issji anhseubnida

it's good that u can't understand what am i saying
cuz i know that u still love me,,,
that's why u take a goos care of me
and because of that
i am trying 2 be far from ya'

Still meets & greets & being friends

what is the meaning of that image???
i admits i am still meeting,reaching,contacts them via tweets,facebooking & face 2 face with someone that already hurt me
and why am i still being nice with them??
as for me
people that being nice to me
i'll be nice to them
it's not that i am letting them steps on my head
and i am not intent for revenge or anything
it just that,,,,
i still **** them
but i don't wanna say it
ok u heard it
it's more hurt when facing them
got it
but i just gonna kept it and being silent and say nothing
there u got it
neun araso-meon naneun na chogeum nomu chu-wasso
niga museun sarangeul ara, nae mam man apa
niga eotteohke nae mameul ara

Bo Peep Bo Peep awww~~~

Follow me~~~
Follow me~~nari-tara Follow me~~~
i sang one of T-ara's song 'Bo Peep Bo Peep'
but uploaded the Big bang and 2NE1 picha
what 2 story???
look at the date!
it's already 7th may 2012
and just has 6 post??
oh on april
just 20post ftill 30th April 2012??
this is NG!!(not good)
what else should i post??
'Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla cream'??
well... i can't continue the stories...
Mr.Chocolate seems already changes his heart
but i'll  try continue for ya'
i'll try after i finished my assigments
got plenty of it
it almost look likes a mountain... =.='

Happy me along the days ^.^

it's being a wonderful back these days...
i am happy
and always smile
although i've been hurt before
but the days i had after been suffering,hurts and tears has changed my life to the best life ever
and i felt so grateful
there's always a happy ending for someone that had went through so much high and low phase of life
sometimes i feel like i am alone
but i am not
i forgot that i still have plenty people around me that could makes me happy
like my family,friends...and what what i have now
is not that i am forgetting each person that think 'i am still important for them'
just let me have my own life
i am trying to vanish the old memories
let my heart healed from the suffers that it had before
+SMILE =')+

mindless reckless busiest moment

sorry sorry sorry sorry
i am lackily newly update my bloggy
welcome welcome
i am still alive
still ok
and i am HAPPY!!!!
wae gurae chi??
i just got an email from MIG that i am being called for CASTING!
i am gonna do my best
wish me luck on that
and another thing
tomorrow is gonna be my big day
the one that i've being waiting for's not about winning or anything
i just want 2 participate
i like something that really challenging like this
that's why i'm participating in this comptition
i am busy with my thing-gy till i forgot my assignments
Ooooo...i can't continue being like this
final exam is on the way anne...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Story that hard to tell =(

i want to tell this tiny miy secret to ya...
i don't know
whings r going so different
people nowadays
surrounding nowdays
i have no idea
only the one who had it will know it
it's me
frankly to say that
this person has been
wreakless hurts for me to see something that
i think
i don't know
did i hurt this person or this person hurts me
question mark...???
but this person keep try'in to make me happy
and yes i am happy
till u we're try'in to fix the broken glass
but this glass already fixed
and seems good as the new one
although the broken trace we're still there...

Honja-neun XP

추억이 이리 많을까 넌 대체 뭐할까
아직 난 이래 혹시 돌아 올까 봐
나 절대 이런 애 아닌데 이런 적 없었는데
사랑 너무도 독해 아직도 못 깼나 봐
너무도 달콤한 니 말에 속아
이제와 혼자 I'm falling down I'm falling down
차라리 만나지 말걸 그랬어
이렇게 될 줄 몰랐어
이토록 쉽게 우린 끝인가요
왜 또 나 혼자 밥을 먹고
나 혼자 영화를 보고
나 혼자 노래하고 이렇게 나 울고 불고
넌 떠나고 없어 후회해도 소용없어
오늘도 나 혼자
나 혼자 길을 걷고 나 혼자 TV를 보고 
나 혼자 취해 보고 이렇게 매일 울고 불고
사랑 참 달콤했어 이별이란 그림자 안에서
오늘도 잠 못자
참 뻔하디 뻔한 너의 그런 빈번한 거짓말에 또 속았어
아주 값싼 니 미소에 홀린 날 갖고 너 재미있게 놀았어
이제와서 뭘 어쩌겠어 그리움에 갇혀 나 혼자서
니가 버린 내 맘 공허해 
꼭 버려져 텅빈 거리 같아

Hello May!!!the story of 4PG (Psycho Girls)

hollla may!!!!
times really going so fast
i'ts already may
now it's the story of 4PG
what PG??
Psycho Girls
i have no idea where did i found this 3 crazy ladies that have made my life being so chaotic
but i am the most happiest single lady ever because i have them
i have no idea if i did't bump into them
we take care of each other
we have so much similarities
and even
same upside down brain...u know what i mean??

look at upthere
what a tummy.....hahahahahahahahha
that was just a some of the plates
there's more plates we have there
yesterday we had a marvelous lunch
mimi husband treats us yesterday
it was awesome
we ate a lot of shushi
and we even order a kids set
just for trying
crazy ladies
what makes me happy about them
we always having so much fun being together
and we also being labelled as the most popular girls in our batch
not really
but spending time with them was the most precious time ever
sometimes we can't stop laugh when we start our crazy conversation
hope that
we will be friend forever
anyeong.... ^__^