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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunshine says 'H.E.L.L.O'

have u guys heard the JB's new songs => Boyfriend??
cool isn't it??
if u heard the lyrics of the song's really meaningful
where could u find a man like that??
i don't know
i think i already found
but not sure yet
from now on
i more be careful in seeking or having a relationship
hurt history could hunts me back
isn't it??
move on and look foward
becareful in seeking ur love
love could be hurts dear~~~~

as for me
if its not meant to be
so its not meant to be
u can't force people to love ya'
and i know
i have release someone that truly love me before this
but now
he already have a happy love story
i know i've let him go for good
i'm not for him
well his happy now although he still put his hope on me
and that's why
i'm trying to avoid him for keep holds his hope to me
it's better for him to give all his love for the woman he had now
wish u luck buddy...^.^