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Friday, April 27, 2012

Miss A trouble

holla bloggies
i did't update my blogs like almost
2weeks isn't??
busyyyy busyyy busyyy
what the hot topics 4 today???
love trouble
i regrets
well justr gonna kept it as a secret
i know
i am the one releasing him
now just let him with his life
love from a man that has nothing to do with me
hurmmmm i think is not important
i have lack believeness towards young love
let me be single for couple while
let know someone well
then make my decision
theres couple mens in my mind right now

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Night at Museum

it was a SUCCESS!!
although plenty things happen during that day and before that
but i'm proud with my teams and classmates for this 2days 1night at museum activity
we're having so much fun!
plenty things up next
well...i think i am expert in event managing
at the same time
i already have my career ways as event organizer
i have found the bestest friend ever!
heeeeeeeee...mimi, shasha and ain
at the same time
thanx 2 all the facee that willing to take a good care of us although we're kinda bit mess and such a crazy students
but we're really happy with the facilities
and we're having so much fun
and it event tighten our friendship & relationship to know each other

Sunday, April 22, 2012

what happen??

what what??
why why??
why so boredddddddddddddddddd
i have plenty of assignments
how ever
how ever...
i don't know what to do now
just gonna 

Mr.Chubby ^.^

Yes I admit!!!
i'll save my heart 4 u and waits 4 u
take care & have a save journey at Korea Oppa ^.^

is the white horse coming?!

have u heard the SunnyHill new songs=> Is the white horse coming??
the song was AWESOME!!!
like it
and i'm addicted to it
long time no new updates
sorry sorry sorry
kinda busy lately
too much assignments
and blah blah blah
and i am sooooooooooooo tired
well well well
i have 2 new room mates
they r from
nursing course
they were nice
same to me

what to do??
what i have to do??
i have a dilemma
i'm tired
good nite

Saturday, April 14, 2012

New people in da'house...^.^

hellooooooooooooo readers!!!
miss me??
miss me not??
i did't update my bloggies
i am in a very tight schedule with assignment
i have 2 arrange my club event
my faculty event
and so much more
i have no idea why i like to do so many things in such limited time
moreover...i have some work on this may
i'm having fun busy with so much things
at the same time
i have to prepair for my MUET
wish me luck!
as u know
i want to continue my studies for the next level
i have plan it with my friends
we're planning to study maybe at Australia
no idea
i've cancel my intent to continue at Indonesia cuz...well
there some slight problemo with that
plan change!
wish me luck for my MUET
hope i can do it well...
c ya' later readers...^.^

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

great job!!hehehehehhe

i have 2 postponed writing the continue of my Mr.Chocolate & Ms.Vanilla's story
regarding to i'm totally in pack schedule and busy with many other stuff
today i am totally exausted
but i am so proud of my team and my self for today's busking event
it went so perfect and awesome!
it was out of expected
and i am super duper tired and excited
at start of the event wasn't so good
but finnally
the closing of the event was awesome....
nite2 readers
i'm not feeling so well..^.^

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The person by my side....

Now, the love songs (don't wanna hear it) 
I hear it (don't wanna hear it, I hear it, don't be ridiculous)
I hear it (don't be ridiculous, don't wanna hear it)
This kind of love song (don't wanna hear it)
I hear it (don't wanna hear it, I hear it, don't be ridiculous)
I hear it (don't be ridiculous, don't wanna hear it)

I don't believe in love anymore, I won't be deceived now
Because eventually, even you left me
What's up with you just wanting to place me by your side like a cat in a strange garret?
You don't even have any interest in a toy like me
You played with me and you used me like a tool to ease your boredom
This unspeakable misery turned me into a mute

*For You, the person who said she liked my embrace, 
The person I long for even more during this time
When the tip of my nose gets cold, I tear up
For You, the person who remains in the winter
Yes, I still didn't forget you

(I need to get some air) All day, I keep eating
It's strangely empty because I can never be filled up
I hate the phone ringtone - I threw it against the wall
I'm really sensitive right now - I need to get some air
At some point, I became a bed that only looks at the ceiling
I know, no matter how much I curse and fling you off
My love won't let you go

The weather is hot but my heart is bitter and cold
It's not even winter but I feel better under the covers
What's the date today? Is it daytime or nighttime right now?
I'm scared to draw the curtains
I hate everything of the world - I just hate everything
I hate love, I hate people
But I like you - Still, I still love you

Holiday like heaven...^.^

i have a great holiday...
spending some time with ma' family~~~
i'm happy to see them
after being busy with so much of event and sort of other things
after having 3days holiday
it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun
my dad's treats pizza huts
my sister cooks delicious food
it's fun
i wish i could have more time to spend with them
april is my busy dizzy tightly schedule
what to do??
and i was planning to change my mobile number
actually i'm trying to avoid some people that.....i think i'm just the trouble maker in their life
it's better for me
to step away from them
maybe left them alone
it's not because i'm trying to run away
i am just leaving for good riddance
only people that close to me will know where i've been
that's it....=(

Saturday, April 7, 2012

u hurt me...=.='

along these days i kept thinking about the incident that i've should forgotten
but why i can't???
cuz the faces of the anger and hates from someone faces towards me
kept flashing and reminding and rewind and repeats and playing in my kind
could u imagine how hurt and bleeding my heart right now
can u??
i've should listen to my friends
and now
i have to face the problemo all by my self
it's really hurts me a lot
i have no idea what happen during that day
but it really obvious that i've should't be there
but i was there because i have too
i was there for 0
understand what i mean?
they should't do me like this
for now on
let me have my own way
nothing for ya' to be mad at me
don't like me
ok fine
i'll leave
cuz i am no one for ya'
just a lonely doll that sit at the side
and u just gonna need it when u want to play with it
and that's why i'm saying that i am no one for ya'
and 1 more thing
i don't need a man to fulfill my days
cuz i have someone more better from ya'

Home sweet home....

after busy with lots and lots of college,,,work,,,my packs schedule
finally i could spend my 3days holidays with my family
now i'm at home~~~~
holla peeps!
well i'm here at my home with my friend & room mate => Que Masturah
feel like it's being a long time i've never come back home
but i've thankful that
i am here~~~
with my family my home and my friend
we're having so much fun
at the mean time
i'm also can relax my mind from every single mind burst matters that's really kills me after this few days

Thursday, April 5, 2012

the way he looks & cares about me,,,^.^

if he sincerely say the truth that he likes me....
i've already accept him
if he say the truth about what his feeling to me...
i've already accept him
but he came at the wrong time and moment
it's not that i don't want to accept him
but he did't really tell about his feelings
and now....
i don't know whether he regrets with his decision or anything
poor guy....
i liked him before this
if he say the truth
he would't take the girl as his girlfriend....

what can i do know...
just act nothing happen
at the same time....
i know...he always look me differently
i know what he felt
he is the one who made a wrong decision and for me
it's not that i could't accept him
just that i could't...hurmmmmmmmm
if we we're meant to be
well....that's it...^.^
hope this is the best for him and i...^.^


today i just met with my bro
there there his pixcha
what happen just now...
he introduced me with couple of his,,,,,, friends and girlfriend
lucky him got a beautiful & nice girl
it served him right
just that i could't get comfy with his friends
its just awkward~~~~
i could't get in da'group
cuz it seems like i'm not invited in da'group
during along the time with my bro and his friends
i just busy texting,calling and doing my things
what should i do??
i don't know them my first day met them
moreover...there some awkward situation that seems like someone doesn't like me when i was there
its ok...
i know...
i'm not suitable for them...hurmmmm least i've met my bro...kekekekekekkekke
don't worry
i'll be leaving Malaysia after this
and maybe not seeing everyone anymore
i'll take this moment to spend my time with my friends
=) #smiling

04-04-2012 ^.^

yesterday was the most memorable and best date everrrrrrrrrrrr
the date of our friendship anniversary...(we're not actually remember the date we met and become bff...hehehehhhe)
we choose 4th April because of the special number '4' 
well...since it's 4 of us
and 4 girls
forever friend...(Insya'Allah) amin...
yesterday was the best day everrrrr
love u all so much (Riza Gerardo, Norfaraein Ridzuan and Syamimi Nazri)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Enough is enough

let me admit
i know u r having a rough time
well...everyone can see that u still like me
me just that
we can't
and you know that u not supposed make a wrong moves if u still hoping on me
u came at the wrong time and moment
that's why i could accept u during that time...='(

Mr.Chocolate Cookie & Ms.Vanilla (Chapter 9)


Ms.Butter came to see Mr.Chocolate at the camp
that makes Mr.Chocolate felt uneasy
he don't understand how can she gets the permission to meet him every single day
every times Ms.Butter tries to get Mr.Chocolate attention
Mr.Chocolate always avoid from seeing her
sometimes Mr.Chocolate felt so annoy to what Ms.Butter we;re trying to do
she tried her hard to win Mr.Chocolate's heart back
and she want Mr.Chocolate to be as the way he is like before...

will he be back with Ms.Butter???
one day
Ms.Vanilla came again to the camp to see Mr.Chocolate
Mr.Chocolate could't make any excuse
he refuse to see her but he has too...
because he was so angry and could't hold his anger anymore
she finally went to meet Ms.Butter
Ms.Butter we're smilling when Mr.Chocolate come towards her


Ms.Butter startled when Mr.Chocolate suddenly shouted at her
why did Mr.Chocolate does that???

+To Be Continued...+

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yess2...what2?? #Smiling

say hello to dear Mr.Peroro here...
anyong~~~ (wave)
i'm having a magnificent and wonderful day today
karaoke and dinner with my friends, masturah & ron lee arie
well...just to release our tense
i'm not karaoke admires
but as i'm actually in total 'depressive' level
(depends on ya' understand or not with ma' dialect...tettttttttttttttttttttttttttt)
i already used to used different kind of english that seems weird for ya'
and that's why it's hard to understand what i'm saying and expressing
and most important is
i like to used weird word and confusing words

it was soooooooo fun
and i almost lost my LIFE
u know what
i almost lost my purse that contain my ID,my atm card and etc
thank god i've found it before the others
life shortened for 10 years
its really wrecked my nerve
could't imagine what my dad gonna say if i've lost my purse
alhamdullilah i've found it...=.='

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunshine says 'H.E.L.L.O'

have u guys heard the JB's new songs => Boyfriend??
cool isn't it??
if u heard the lyrics of the song's really meaningful
where could u find a man like that??
i don't know
i think i already found
but not sure yet
from now on
i more be careful in seeking or having a relationship
hurt history could hunts me back
isn't it??
move on and look foward
becareful in seeking ur love
love could be hurts dear~~~~

as for me
if its not meant to be
so its not meant to be
u can't force people to love ya'
and i know
i have release someone that truly love me before this
but now
he already have a happy love story
i know i've let him go for good
i'm not for him
well his happy now although he still put his hope on me
and that's why
i'm trying to avoid him for keep holds his hope to me
it's better for him to give all his love for the woman he had now
wish u luck buddy...^.^

yesterday,today and last weekend was the SUCKS DAYS ever,,,
i'm tired~~~~~~
going on walk-in-interview everyday
just to get a job to achieve my dreams
i have something important i have to accomplish after finish my studies
so i have to go to  an interview and find jobs now

what to do???
i'm still struggling looking for a job now
my future husband is waiting for me....hurmmmmmmmmmmmmm
i have to collect money

where can i find extra $$$
i need to travel to his country after i finish study,,,,hoot~~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is April Fool (Malay)

Sejarah April Fool

Perayaan April Fool yang selalu diakhiri dengan kegembiraan dan kepuasan itu sesungguhnya berasal dari satu tragedi besar yang sangat menyedihkan dan memilukan. The April’s Fool Day berasal dari satu episod sejarah Muslim Sepanyol pada tahun 1487 atau bersamaan dengan 892 H. Sebelum mengungkap tragedi tersebut, ada baiknya kita melihat sejarah Sepanyol dahulu ketika masih di bawah kekuasaan Islam.

Sejak dibebaskan Islam pada abad ke-8 M oleh Panglima Thariq bin Ziyad, Sepanyol tumbuh menjadi satu negeri yang makmur secara beransur-ansur. Pasukan Islam tidak setakat berhenti di Sepanyol, namun terus melakukan pembebasan di negeri-negeri sekitarnya menuju Perancis. Perancis Selatan dengan mudah dibebaskan. Kota Carcassone, Nimes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Poitou, Tours, dan sebagainya jatuh. Walau sangat kuat, pasukan Islam masih memberikan toleransi kepada suku Goth dan Navaro di daerah sebelah Barat yang terletak di pergunungan.

Islam telah menerangi Sepanyol. Ini kerana sikap para penguasa Islam begitu baik dan rendah hati, maka banyak orang-orang Sepanyol yang kemudian dengan tulus dan ikhlas memeluk Islam. Muslim Sepanyol bukan hanya beragama Islam, namun mereka sungguh-sungguh mengamalkan kehidupan secara Islami. Mereka tidak hanya membaca Al-Quran, tetapi juga bertingkah laku berdasarkan Al-Quran. Mereka selalu berkata untuk tidak minum khamar, bergaul bebas, dan segala macam hal yang dilarang oleh Islam. Keadaan seperti itu berlangsung hampir enam abad lamanya.

Selama itu pula kaum kafir yang masih ada di sekeliling Sepanyol tanpa kenal lelah terus berupaya membersihkan Islam dari Sepanyol, namun mereka selalu gagal. Mereka telah mencuba beberapa kali tapi selalu tidak berhasil. Dikirimlah sejumlah perisik untuk mempelajari kelemahan umat Islam di Sepanyol. Akhirnya perisik itu menemukan cara untuk menaklukkan Islam di Sepanyol, yakni yang pertama adalah harus melemahkan iman mereka dahulu dengan jalan serangan pemikiran dan budaya.

Maka mulailah secara diam-diam mereka mengirim alkohol dan rokok secara percuma ke dalam wilayah Sepanyol. Muzik diperdengarkan untuk membujuk kaum mudanya agar lebih suka bernyanyi dan menari berbanding membaca Al-Quran. Mereka juga mengirim sejumlah ulama palsu yang kerjanya adalah untuk menyemarakkan perpecahan di dalam tubuh umat Islam Sepanyol. Lama-kelamaan upaya ini membuahkan hasil.

Akhirnya Sepanyol jatuh dan berjaya dikuasai pasukan Salib. Penyerangan oleh pasukan Salib benar-benar dilakukan dengan kejam tanpa mengenal peri kemanusiaan. Tidak hanya pasukan Islam yang dibantai, tetapi juga rakyat biasa, wanita, anak-anak kecil, orang-orang tua, semuanya dibantai dengan sadis dan kejam.

Satu persatu daerah di Sepanyol ditakluki. Granada adalah daerah terakhir yang ditaklukkan. Penduduk Islam di Sepanyol (juga disebut orang Moor) terpaksa berlindung di dalam rumah untuk menyelamatkan diri. Tentera-tentera Kristian terus mengejar mereka.

Ketika jalan-jalan mulai sepi, yang tinggal adalah ribuan mayat yang bergelimpangan dan bermandikan aliran darah. Tentera Salib mengetahui bahawa banyak Muslim Granada yang masih bersembunyi di rumah-rumah. Dengan lantang tentera Salib itu meneriakkan pengumuman, bahawa para Muslim Granada boleh keluar dari rumah dengan aman dan dibenarkan berlayar keluar dari Sepanyol dengan membawa barang-barang keperluan mereka. “Kapal-kapal yang akan membawa kalian keluar dari Sepanyol sudah kami persiapkan di pelabuhan. Kami menjamin keselamatan kalian jika ingin keluar dari Sepanyol, setelah ini maka kami tidak lagi memberikan jaminan!” demikian bujuk tentera Salib.

Orang-orang Islam masih curiga dengan tawaran ini. Beberapa dari orang Islam dibenarkan melihat sendiri kapal-kapal penumpang yang sudah dipersiapkan di pelabuhan. Setelah benar-benar melihat ada kapal yang sudah dipersiapkan, maka mereka segera bersiap untuk meninggalkan Granada bersama-sama menuju ke kapal-kapal tersebut. Mereka pun bersiap untuk berlayar.

Keesokan harinya, ribuan penduduk Muslim Granada yang keluar dari rumah-rumahnya dengan membawa seluruh barang-barang keperluannya beriringan jalan menuju pelabuhan. Beberapa orang Islam yang tidak mempercayai tentera Salib bertahan dan terus bersembunyi di rumah-rumahnya. Setelah ribuan umat Islam Sepanyol berkumpul di pelabuhan, dengan cepat tentera Salib menggeledah rumah-rumah yang telah ditinggalkan penghuninya. Lidah api terlihat menjilat-jilat angkasa ketika para tentera Salib itu membakar rumah-rumah tersebut bersama orang-orang Islam yang masih bertahan di dalamnya.

Manakala ribuan umat Islam yang berada di pelabuhan berasa terkejut ketika tentera Salib juga membakar kapal-kapal yang dikatakan akan mengangkut mereka keluar dari Sepanyol. Kapal-kapal itu dengan cepat tenggelam. Ribuan umat Islam tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa kerana sama sekali tidak bersenjata. Mereka juga kebanyakan terdiri dari para perempuan dan anak-anak yang masih kecil. Lalu tentera Salib segera mengepung mereka dengan pedang yang terhunus.

Dengan satu teriakan dari pemimpinnya, ribuan tentera Salib itu segera membunuh umat Islam Sepanyol tanpa perasaan belas kasihan. Jerit tangis dan takbir membahana. Dengan buas tentera Salib terus membunuh orang awam yang sama sekali tidak berdaya.

Seluruh Muslim Sepanyol di pelabuhan itu habis dibunuh dengan kejam. Darah menggenang di mana-mana. Laut yang biru telah berubah menjadi merah kehitam-hitaman. Tragedi ini bertepatan dengan tanggal 1 April. Inilah yang kemudian diperingati oleh dunia Kristian pada setiap tanggal 1 April sebagai “The Aprils Fool Day”.

Bagi umat Islam April Fool tentu merupakan tragedi yang sangat menyedihkan. Hari dimana ribuan saudara seimannya disembelih dan dibantai oleh tentera Salib di Granada, Sepanyol. Sebab itu, adalah sangat tidak layak jika ada orang Islam yang ikut-ikutan merayakan tradisi ini. Sebab dengan merayakan April Fool, sesungguhnya orang-orang Islam itu ikut bergembira dan tertawa atas tragedi tersebut. Siapa pun orang Islam yang turut merayakan April Fool, maka ia sesungguhnya tengah merayakan ulang tahun pembunuhan beramai-ramai terhadap ribuan saudara-saudaranya di Granada, Sepanyol, beberapa abad silam.

April Fool Merupakan Perayaan Pembantaian Umat Islam, Tidak Layak Dirayakan

Umat Islam sangat tidak layk merayakan “The April Fool Day” kerana kebiasaan itu didasarkan untuk memperingati peristiwa pembantaian umat Islam di Sepanyol pada 1 April 1487 Masihi.

Ir.H.Asmara Dharma, seorang cendekiawan muslim dari Indonesia menuturkan di dalam tulisannya; “Umat Islam banyak yang “latah” dan merayakan April Fool tanpa mengetahui dasar dan asal muasal peristiwa tersebut”

Ia menjelaskan, perayaan April Fool itu didasarkan atas peristiwa penyerangan besar-besaran oleh tentera Salib terhadap negara Sepanyol yang ketika itu di bawah kekuasaan kekhalifahan Islam pada Mac 1487 Masihi.

Kota-kota Islam di Sepanyol seperti Zaragoza dan Leon di wilayah Utara, Vigo dan Forto di wilayah Timur, Valencia di wilayah Barat, Lisbon dan Cordoba di Selatan serta Madrid di pusat kota dan Granada sebagai kota pelabuhan berjaya dikuasai tentera Salib.

Umat Islam yang tersisa dari peperangan itu dijanjikan kebebasan jika meninggalkan Sepanyol dengan kapal yang disiapkan di pelabuhan Granada. Tentera Salib itu menjanjikan keselamatan dan membolehkan umat Islam menaiki kapal jika mereka meninggalkan Sepanyol dan tidak membawa sebarang persenjataan mereka.

Namun, ketika ribuan umat Islam sudah berkumpul di pelabuhan, kapal yang tadinya berlabuh di pelabuhan segera dibakar dan kaum muslim dibantai dengan kejam sehingga air laut menjadi merah kerana darah.

Peristiwa pembantaian dan pengingkaran janji tersebut terjadi pada 1 April 1487 Masehi dan dikenang sebagai “The April Fool Day.”

Selanjutnya, Dharma menjelaskan, peristiwa “The April Fool Day” itu dipopulerkan dengan “ritual” yang mempersendakan, menipu dan memperbodohkan orang lain tetapi bernuansa gembira.

“Ritual tersebut disyaratkan agar orang-orang yang dipersendakan tidak boleh berasa marah atau membalas” katanya.