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Saturday, March 24, 2012


i just watch these korean movie
10stars and 2 thumbs up for these movie
i liked it so much
Seung ri (Park Meon-seo/number 13) has a similar slight character with me
not really know the outside world look a like
and,,,a bit weirdo~~~
there is much things of being 19
i had a conflict on my 19,,,or before i reach my 19 but in the year i'm supposed to be 19
conflict with friends,love,money,life,,,,
if i've flash back
i've could make a novel about my 19years old life how does its look a like
19,,,a teenagers that is already an adults but still a children
its good that we could't turn back the time
so we would't know what will happen in the future
the mistakes should be corrected in the future
not in the past time
cuz,,,the past teach us to correct the future
by watching this movie,,,i really want to turn back the time where i had the harsh time
cuz,,,it's kinda fun,,,
who says i'm already 20??
i've just arrive at my 19 years,,,not 20
it still further away
however...these ,movie ROCKS my day
loved it!!!
kyeopta Seung Ri Oppa,,,hehehehehhehehehe
sorry TOP....i loved Baby Panda's more,,,,^.^